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Comment Re:Thank goodness for Dr. Geist (Score 1) 323

Apparently people didn't understand the statement I was talking about I guess I will quote it. "A breath of fresh air in the murky air of pollution spewed by the RIAA/MPAA" Which means that the guy that wrote it is saying that our laws are shit compared to the US laws and the RIAA and MPAA are right in saying this. I am very happy we have someone like DR. Geist backing us up if we didn't we would of already have had laws like the US. No one in the world wants those Laws except the RIAA and the MPAA.

Comment Re:Thank goodness for Dr. Geist (Score 3, Insightful) 323

wow are you are big idiot or just a fan boy of the RIAA. You know if it were for Canadian copyright laws sites like youtube would not exist. So let the US spew there BS but don't say its good. We don't have CR laws the same as the US and its a good thing.

How can you say that with a straight face when the DMCA is purely an American law?

I can say it with a straight face because I believe that Canada has way better laws on copyright then the ancient historical laws of the US. But keep your Copy rights away from me.

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