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Comment Re:Defund Obamacare. (Score 0, Offtopic) 233

You realize that those "conservatives" shit the bed over the fact that companies were bailed out, right? I like how every argument about socialized healthcare devolves to, "Oh, well, you just don't want people to be healthy. You hate your fellow citizens". No, I don't; and anyone who thinks that is a complete moron. I'm just not fool enough to believe that the world is built out of sunshine and rainbows. National healthcare is financially unfeasible. It cannot sustain itself. Neither can social security, and it never could. The only outcome for this is financial ruin; something that should have happened 3+ years ago. Instead, we've sunk over six trillion dollars, further, into debt. And hurr, hurr. Military bad...I haven't heard that before. You realize that the world is a terrible place, right? I honestly don't think you do. I also think you believe that slavery doesn't exist anymore, and that all the people in the world get along. And, before we debate budgets, let's honestly compare military spending vs. social spending. I'm dead serious, look it up. Fighting two wars doesn't even come close to social security, alone. Supporting Obamacare is so financially irresponsible that it stupefies me; coupled with the moronic holier-than-thou attitude, it's no wonder that people lose their god damn minds. Have you even run the numbers? Have you sat down and tried to see if it would even work? No? Because that's what responsible adults do. Listen, I'd like everyone to have health care. I'd like the world to be a better, perfect place. But I'd also like to have a twelve inch dick, and the capability to shit hundred dollar bills; but that's not going to happen. Wanting something to be true doesn't make it so.

Submission + - School uses Minecraft to design classrooms (

Bismillah writes: "An Auckland, NZ school has decided to use Minecraft to help design expansion classrooms, or learning hubs as they call them.

It's a story with many great elements: teachers learning from students, using computer games in a creative fashion and also, that there is no "undo" if you burn the lot down, accidentally or not."

Comment Players want more content? (Score 1) 357

So what they're basically saying is that Players are happy when they can enjoy more content from a product they like. To me this is akin to a group of highly paid scientist holding a press conference to inform the general public that water is wet, or that clean air is good for you. It's beyond obvious that people enjoy the CONTENTS of Day-1 DLC; what they do not enjoy is the new ideology that publishers can make people pay for the same fish twice.

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