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Comment Facebook Metro UI (Score 1) 138

I was reading about this new Facebook home app and the thought that jumped out at me is that this is Facebook's version of the Windows 8 Metro UI. Is it Android? Or is is some new Facebook OS? As long as you stay in Facebook Home everything is wonderful. But don't worry, you can always escape back to the normal Android home screen and do everything you used to do. What could go wrong with that?

Comment Re:The top things AppleTV users requested... (Score 1) 579

We wouldn't need a DVR if they would just let us down free TV episodes through iTunes! That is the killer app... The economics just don't make any sense at all... I can get a DVR set top box that will let me record and save as much as I want for $10 a month or I can watch 10 episodes once with the Apple TV... which do you think people are going to do?

Comment Re:Actually, it WAS stolen... (Score 1) 1204

What I'm curious about is whether or not the engineer who lost it tried calling his number to try and get back because I know that would be the first thing I would do if I lost my phone. Apparently it didn't get wiped until the next day so if he kept calling and the guy who "found" it ignored the calls then that makes their case much weaker. Also, they reported that it worked for a while so I have a hard time believing that the owner couldn't be determined...

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