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Comment No (Score 1) 123

No resources are freed for any future generations of database contaminants to breed on by filtering. And, the notion of evolution would also require changes to the contaminants, which don't really happen. So by all means, filter. It will leave harder-to-detect contaminants there, but they won't become more numerous.

Comment !those numbers are posted by the competing teams (Score 4, Informative) 100

Netflix calculates the score shown on the leaderboard from a set of rating predictions submitted by a team. The team does not, and will not, know the correct answers. For testing their algorithms, the teams use another dataset. The two datasets, part of the package made available to the competitors, are known as "qualifying" and "probe".

Comment Re:Does not violate shannons theorm. (Score 1) 183

Perhaps a better version of your analogy would be this:

A metal pole is used to transfer information from one end to the other. A guy on one end is shaking the bar, and pushing and pulling it. This is detected by the guy in the other end. Life goes past smoothly, and this technique of information transfer is perfected. Then, suddenly, some smart asshole comes in and shows these guys that they can also twist the pole, essentially giving a new channel on which to transfer information.

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