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Submission + - Nest and Virgin America partner to bring custom climate control to travellers (

Zachariah Day writes: Nest has announced on their blog that they have partnered with Virgin America to bring their climate control devices to Virgin's fleet. The post goes into details on how a traveler can select a custom temperature for their seat. As well as the temperature, they have introduced a new feature "...called Destination Acclimation, which automatically mimics the temperature of the city you’re traveling to. Spending a few days in Cancun? You’ll be nice and toasty. Visiting Portland for the weekend? It will be more chill. Your arrival city is selected automatically but you can also choose custom settings such as Tropical Paradise, Standard Day in LA or Polar Vortex."

Embedded in the blog post is a video with the founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson, and the founder and CEO of Nest, Tony Fadell, promoting the new device as well as demonstrating its features.

Comment Re:I'll pass (Score 1) 303

I expect Netflix has no choice but to DRM the content as part of its contractual obligations and therefore any platform which does not provide a suitably strong DRM cannot be supported.

What's funny is Chrome OS works with Netflix despite not having Silverlight as well as being a Linux flavor. Oh, and Amazon has DRM but somehow they support Linux for their Instant Video service. So it has nothing to do with the platform as more Netflix is just shit.

Comment Re:Master Password (Thuderbird+Firefox) (Score 2) 482

Chrome let's you password protect your passwords as well, at least in Linux with KDE. When I go into Chrome, it opens up the KDE Wallet to store the passwords, which makes me type in the password for it. After this, you can view the passwords plain text. You can also specify the wallet behavior, including making it so that every time anyone tries to access it you need to type in your password. Sounds like normal security functionality to me.

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