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Comment critical thought MY ASS! (Score 1) 933

my point being that since the invention of light bulbs, there is no reason in the information age to worry about when the sun will come up. ever thought of how productive society could be if 1/3 of the work force worked 9am-5pm, the other third from 5am-1am, and the later worked 1am-9pm well trafic would be cut down considerably, as would car related deaths(not to mention increased productivity.) I know these things are off of you radar, because you are such a bad ass RS! but daylight savings time is ONLY repeat ONLY imortant to farmers!(and yes I know some Farmers). Since you are such a bad ass Rocket scientist why don't you work out time zones for the moon and mars instead of fucking w/ some kid who misspelled a couple(or eight) words[or even worse contributing to deaths of innocent kids. p.s. My granddad worked for the manhattan project, which is not something I'm proud of. So don't think I'm impressd by your job, and I wouldn't bet on your descendants being proud of you either. The whole war paradigm has changed and I wish i knew how you feel when you KNOW FOR A FACT that innocent Civis have died a a direct part of your work. mabbe you would feel better about yourself if you worked w/ R/E (if you don't know what that means you need help) INSTEAD of contributing to the Perpetualy Death Machine! work on & get back w/ me! *high Five*

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