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Comment He certainly doesn't know much about SHA-256 (Score 5, Interesting) 147

In his blog post, he writes:

"The SHA256 algorithm provides for a maximum message size of (2^128 - 1) bits of information whilst returning 32 bytes or 256 bits as an output value. The number of possible messages that can be input into the SHA256 hash function totals (2^128 - 1)! possible input values ranging in size from 0 bits through to the maximal acceptable range that we noted above."

There are two obvious errors in this paragraph. The maximum message size of SHA-256 is (2^64 - 1) bits and the total number possible input messages is (2^(2^64) - 1). I doubt that the inventor of Bitcoin would make such fundamental mistakes.

Comment I prefer the "Empty New Tab Page" extension (Score 3) 125

If an empty new tab page would be configurable and Chrome wouldn't exit if a single tab is open and I press Ctrl-W, I'd be perfectly happy with Chrome's tabs. For the latter, I use the "Live On" extension, which is a bit quirky, unfortunately. With Firefox I can fix both these issues, at least in about:config.

Comment Re:What I have noticed (Score 1) 240

Note that the Cherry G80s are available with three different types of keys: "click pressure point" (loud and clicky, preferred by most typists), "soft pressure point" (not so loud, I currently use one out of consideration for my co-workers), and "linear" (no pressure point at all, not recommended). These keys are also used by many other keyboard manufacturers.

Comment Re:Urheberrecht (Score 1) 218

You can act as if, but you can always go "Fuck you, cooww and shee-keeenn! Now you can't use it anymore!" if they are stupid enough to fall for it.

If an author signs a contract with another party granting an exclusive license to publish a given work, is that unenforceable?

Of course it's enforceable. The OP doesn't have a clue.

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