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Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 2) 193

That is what I used to think, until I heard my friends across the ponds cant watch House of Cards, because of geoip restriction. Netflix blocked countries from watching their self produced TV series, because they wanted to make more money though licensing deals.

This assessment is not entirely fair. Netflix sold the European rights to House of Cards well before they entered the European market. Also, you can watch House of Cards in Europe (at least in Germany), but you have wait 12 months or so for the latest season.

Comment He certainly doesn't know much about SHA-256 (Score 5, Interesting) 147

In his blog post, he writes:

"The SHA256 algorithm provides for a maximum message size of (2^128 - 1) bits of information whilst returning 32 bytes or 256 bits as an output value. The number of possible messages that can be input into the SHA256 hash function totals (2^128 - 1)! possible input values ranging in size from 0 bits through to the maximal acceptable range that we noted above."

There are two obvious errors in this paragraph. The maximum message size of SHA-256 is (2^64 - 1) bits and the total number possible input messages is (2^(2^64) - 1). I doubt that the inventor of Bitcoin would make such fundamental mistakes.

Comment I prefer the "Empty New Tab Page" extension (Score 3) 125

If an empty new tab page would be configurable and Chrome wouldn't exit if a single tab is open and I press Ctrl-W, I'd be perfectly happy with Chrome's tabs. For the latter, I use the "Live On" extension, which is a bit quirky, unfortunately. With Firefox I can fix both these issues, at least in about:config.

Comment Re:What I have noticed (Score 1) 240

Note that the Cherry G80s are available with three different types of keys: "click pressure point" (loud and clicky, preferred by most typists), "soft pressure point" (not so loud, I currently use one out of consideration for my co-workers), and "linear" (no pressure point at all, not recommended). These keys are also used by many other keyboard manufacturers.

Comment Re:Urheberrecht (Score 1) 218

You can act as if, but you can always go "Fuck you, cooww and shee-keeenn! Now you can't use it anymore!" if they are stupid enough to fall for it.

If an author signs a contract with another party granting an exclusive license to publish a given work, is that unenforceable?

Of course it's enforceable. The OP doesn't have a clue.

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