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Comment Easy on the Canada hate slashdot. (Score 1, Insightful) 506

I'm really surprised to see such lacking arguments on this post. I have come to see slashdot as a place where reasoned argument rules and the sort of ambiguous attacks displayed in much of these comments are driven down.

Here are some useful links. Canada is a bi-lingual country, and we embrace that fact: Quebec has laws in-place to protect its heritage which the citizens believe are necessary:

Sure these laws seem strange to outsiders, but there is a large segment of the Quebec population that take seriously that their land continue to reflect their culture. And to the people that use business as the ultimate barometer of a laws efficacy, remember that there are some people who hold other things higher than cash and they have every right to do so. I'm sure the Quebec people understand the negative effect that these laws have on their economy, but can balance the sting by appreciating the positive effect they have on their lands and people.
Personally I would like to live there and experience these Canadian peoples way of life.

Comment Efficiency (Score 2) 876

Using a keyboard is the most efficient way for me to create programs. My fingers are the fastest appendages I own. I assimilate keyboard shortcuts into my daily patterns to avoid using the mouse(hand-based:slower); the visual aspects of software engineering that typically require mouse movement take more time to execute. If it were more efficient to write the programs I need to write with a visual, mouse-based, or gesture-based editor, I would. Hands-On-Board

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