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Submission + - Best choice of music player for rating songs?

kieran writes: "I recently lost all my music ratings when I moved my music files to a new drive letter. I've got an old copy of the main.dat file from Winamp backed up somewhere that I might be able to mess with to give me most of my ratings back, but what I'm really thinking is that things would be so much easier if the ratings were stored within the files as part of the ID3 POPM tag instead of seperately, and all the better if the POPM tag is in a format that might be readable on my Android phone (or other unforseen device) further down the line. What would slashdotters recommend as a Music player/ratings system for this purpose?

Background: A while back I spent six months rating all the songs in my music library by playability. It was a long task but paid off long before it finished, leaving me able to delete all the 1-star crap, put 4/5-star stuff on at parties, or quickly create playlists of 3-to-5-star material for my own use.

I did it at the time by listening on my mp3 player while commutinig, entering the ratings into my phone and then updating Winamp with them when I got home. A bit laborious, and would have been easier with an iPod, but most of my music is in Ogg format so no dice."

Submission + - Coroners and Justice Bill (

kieran writes: The UK Government is trying to push through a bill which will imbue all government ministers with the power to create new criminal offences and single-handedly change legislation to "remove, or modify any restriction imposed upon the sharing of information." — for instance, allowing the Police to ignore the Data Protection Act. Information here.
The Courts

Submission + - Online campaign to free IT geek jailed in Dubai (

Kieran writes: "Cat Le-Huy (aka Diz), the head IT geek for media company Endemol, is among many being held without charge in Dubai after being accused of "drug smuggling", which in Dubai can mean a 4-year minimum sentence if your urine tests positive for codeine or other prescription medication!

Originally it was his melatonin (available over-the-counter in Dubai) that raised suspicion, they've also tested his urine and some crumb-sized dirt (which they allege is hashish) found in his bag. Most worringly of all is the fear that he may have been forced to sign a document written in arabic (which he cannot read), possibly a confession.

An online campaign has been launched with the intent of freeing not only Cat but also others who have been held for months without charge, and warning potential tourists and business travelers like Cat that Dubai is NOT the safe destination it may appear.

There's also a Facebook group with more up-to-date news and an online petition which has collected over 3000 signatures so far. Please help us spread the word!"

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