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Comment Re:Proprietary Wireless (Score 1) 99

cool, name another controller that provides an open source driver, every single controller is only supported at all because someone (most likely unpaid) bothered to write one. there's no difference between a proprietary wired controller and a proprietary wireless controller. i know from experience the bluetooth driver for ps3 controllers is a pain in the arse.

Comment Re:Funny, that spin... (Score 1) 421

no i don't forgive you, it's a retarded idea that because someone is really really good in one field that they must know all about every other one.

Physics is not AI
Business is not AI
Electric cars are only tangentially related to AI.

would you get bill gates to fix your car? i mean he's a really good businessman so he must be a great mechanic! hell if you need open heart surgery i'm sure Elon would be a great choice!

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 227

the idea that it's not a solvable problem is ridiculous, that article even says they're not sure if the guys complaining are using the dk1 or 2. ultimately we don't get sick from viewing 3d shit in real life, it's just a question of how realistic it has to be to get rid of the motion sickness and if how cheaply that level of realism is achievable

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