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Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 229

It used to be that street photography was, for the most part, only seen by the photography buffs at photo shows and such, and in the occasional photo specialty mag. Now? It can be posted on the internet and seen everywhere. And once facial recognition software is readily available? Ugh. This ready availability is a problem for many people and specifically for people who do not wish abusers/stalkers to recognize them and know where they are. Sometimes a PFA is not enough.

Comment Re:Our advise is to place your funds somewhere saf (Score 1) 467

Well, a friend of mine in Albany NY, where off track betting on the horses is legal, is a sports reporter who specializes in horse racing. He just told me that BofA has, for awhile now, been refusing transfers from BofA to the tracks or to the OTB offices EVEN THOUGH IT"S LEGAL. He said people in that world have known about this for awhile now. I've not seen much of anything come through in the media about that either. Since when did Bank of America decide they have a right to tell ANYONE how to spend their dough? No matter what you may feel about gambling, this isn't right.

Submission + - HP Inkjet Printer Settlement Big Giveaway to HP (

kickassweb writes: HP Inkjet Printers made between certain dates have some built in "features" that can have you replacing ink cartridges whether you need them or not, detailed in an earlier slashdot submission. A class action suit was initiated and a settlement has been reached. The settlement gives all class members a $5.00 credit at HP's online store, and no other option. Inkjet cartridges for most of their printers cost considerably more than $5.00. Can we say giveaway? Why not just cut checks for $5.00 to class members?

Objecting to the settlement requires numerous jumping through hoops, which most people won't consider worth it for five bucks worth of settlement.

Comment Re:Back to the core of the Internet (Score 1) 216

Um, we paid for that internet and were promised a lot in return . . . which the ISPs such as Verizon and AT&T never delivered on. In my book that's called theft. And now you want to let them do what they want with the network that taxpayers paid for? Turn the internet into Bud TV and the Home Shopping Network???? You need to do some reading on the history of the internet. If you do, you might realize that you're talking out your ass . . .

Comment Re:No good answers (Score 1) 216

Thank you for the succinct summation. You only missed a couple points. The corporations are making a profit off spectrum that belongs to us, the American people. Regulating the use of our spectrum by corporations who would like to steal it for their own use is a wise thing to do. And it's the law that WAS in effect when the internet became wildly successful. Of course, that's when local loop unbundling was also the law of the land. Funny, the corporations managed to lobby that out of existence in most parts of the country, but other countries took our good idea and built internet access that kicks our butt forward, backward and sideways. If we don't figure out a way to put things back the way they were, we're going to be relegated to backwater status as a country a dozen years hence.

Comment Health "Reform" (Score 1) 645

The Public Option has been so watered down that it only will pick up the slack for a tiny percentage of the people without insurance. The rest are going to be REQUIRED to BUY insurance. So this will NOT put the health insurance companies out of business. It will make them rich. We have the best political system money can buy . . . Not that it matters, since she's in Canada.

Comment Re:The simple solution.... (Score 1) 762

I'm a small businessperson already overburdened with paperwork. If I had to collect sales tax for every state I have a customer in, I'd have 30 or so quarterly forms to fill out and file instead of the one I barely have time for. Personally I think sales tax should be done away with entirely anyway EVERYWHERE. It's overly burdensome on the poor, who can least afford it. And then this argument goes away. If states need income, let them charge income tax and property tax.

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