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Comment Re:Apple is in trouble. Big trouble. (Score 1) 359

2: The iPhone 6 SE is pretty much an iPhone 5S. It is smaller, but not really groundbreaking.

But it IS groundbreaking as the first apple phone to get smaller instead of bigger. I, personally, am fucking sick of two-hander phones. I'm actually an apple hater and I think this was actually a good idea. That being said...why does every product brought to market HAVE to be groundbreaking? Why can't they just make a product that people want to buy? Cuz let's be honest...nothing apple does is ever groundbreaking, they just repackage everyone else's ideas and market it better.

Comment Millenials defined as... (Score 3, Insightful) 837

Social and financial pressure to agree (or at least pretend to agree). Everyone is now too concerned about "getting Eich'ed" to take a stand against any of the typical left-liberal talking points. So, of course, the same left-liberals are going to harp on the consensus that they willed into existence through terror to defend their righteousness. In the end, they might be right...maybe. But undoubtedly the way the treated people on that road makes them pieces of shit.

Comment Re:You think Hillary is any different? (Score 1) 707

he has so many project failures that he makes Dubya seem like an business genius

It's a sad state of affairs when you can't struggle and eventually succeed. When the only "right" thing to do is to be a Zuckerberg: stumble (or steal) across one good idea, and hit it big right out of the gates.

Comment Re:"Destroy ing innovation" (Score 1) 390

They're Republicans. Evidence isn't necessary, only hand-waving and dire predictions. The Chicken Little Party is entirely in the pockets of big business, and will do and say whatever is necessary to please their corporate overlords, even if it directly contradicts all available evidence.

Flip one little word in that whole thing, and it reads just as truthfully.

Comment Re: Minimum Wage (Score 1) 1094

You might consider a third option. Reducing executive compensation. That's the thing that needs to happen throughout the economy.

Why don't we just annoint you wage czar, and you can set everyone's pay. Since you seem to think you've got what everyone is worth all figured out, and market forces need not apply.

Comment Re:ENOUGH with the politics! (Score 3, Informative) 1094

Canada pay an average of about half as much in taxes (scaled to their income), for the same quality and the same service.

From what I've heard about medicine in Canada from locals, this is laughably untrue. Only someone who has never had more than a minor boo-boo could claim the service is the same.

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