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Comment Re:It better play the games I already own (Score 1) 233

> What is stopping you from creating your own "steam box" now? Valve is developing a big screen mode for the whole purpose of being about to build your own steam box. But as someone who already uses Steam on a 40" HDTV it works fine as is imo. Of course - nothing does. In fact, I have one as well, and it's also a HTPC. But there are people who could not give two fucks about find the right computer, building it, and configuring it so it works fine on a big screen. They just want a device that they can buy, install and starting playing games, and that's what the Steam Box would do. Truth be told, I'd be happy for a success of console-like system that's based on much more open solutions and approaches than any of our current consoles. That's at least a step in the right direction.

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 3, Informative) 379

Some old P90s that I worked on had an Award or American Megatrends BIOS, which had a graphical (640x480x16) environment and supported a PS/2 mouse. I like UEFI, especially for the ability to boot external software directly (such as bios updaters or OS installers), but the bells and whistles could be done in BIOS, at least to a certain extent.

Comment Re:Politial speech influenced 6 yrs old chid. (Score 1) 368

if for no other reason then because US imposes on me a culture different from my own, while in USSR I at very least had the luxury of having my native culture being forced on myself

Isn't every country like that? There is a set of dominating values in every region, and a certain level of conformance to these levels is always expected. The question whether they are "native" and "non-native" is a secondary matter, as native values may not correspond with your point of view and can be more "binding" that those of another country. The only difference is that one tends to be more accustomed to their native values, and thus more forgiving in their evaluation, which is often clouded by nostalgia.

That said, as a citizen of a former Eastern Bloc country, I wouldn't choose neither my home country nor the US as my ideal place to live.

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