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Comment Microunits Sound Normal (Score 2) 412

21 microunits, each packed with a tiny kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space into 300-square-feet

I don't get it... Why are they calling 300 square feet "microunits"? Sounds like a relatively normal size to me... Of course, I live in midtown Manhattan, so for $2,200 a month my wife and I get a 350 square foot place in a building with 20 of them (though I think unit 1D, by the stairwell might be smaller). We have a nice kitchen...

Comment Re:Anybody own a light field camera? (Score 3, Interesting) 30

I've got the first generation Lytro. It was a nifty toy for a while, but ultimately I wasn't happy with the quality of most of the pictures. Except for in bright sunlight they were all pretty grainy and dark. The changing of the focus is neat on some where something is very close and others are very far, but if everything is middle distance to far, it's not interesting.

It was very hard to come up with good lightfield images that matched the demo ones on their website.

Maybe I should take it out again, take a break from walking around with my SLR for a weekend or two, see what I get.

Comment Big Trouble (Score 5, Funny) 66

Mt. St. Helens's 1980 eruption was the biggest thing I ever got in trouble for. Really...

Early in the morning, everyone was asleep and the house started shaking, and my father yelled from the other room "quit jumping on the bed!" and I yelled back "I'm not!" and the rumbling didn't stop, the blinds clattering against the windows and he yelled "Dammit! I said quit jumping on the bed right now!" and I yelled, "but I'm not!"...

I was in big trouble... They grounded me practically for life, for not stopping jumping on the bed and lying about that.

Fortunately later that evening we watched the news and I was vindicated... It really wasn't me.

Comment Re:What are... (Score 1) 273

1 Liter of any drinkable liquid weighs 1 kilogram. That's easy. How much pounds is that? And why the difference between liquid ounces and weigh ounces? Catastrophic!

Catastrophic is a bit of an overstatement... It's easy, an ounce of any drinkable liquid weighs an ounce... (for the same variations as your silly 1 liter weighs 1 kilogram things...)

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