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Comment Re:Losses, but due to piracy? (Score 1) 311

> People can pirate music for free (we'll stick to just music, since TFA is about the RIAA), but feel guilty about the artist.

I have listened to music for free on the radio all my life and guess what, I've never felt guilty about it. These days I can borrow CDs from my local library if I want to. For free. Guilt free also. Could borrow from friends too, also free and guilt free. People want what they have always had, the abillity to listen to music for free.

The revenue of the music industry is increasing. It's just the revenue from selling music recorded onto plastic discs that is decreasing.

Comment This is no scienific study (Score 1) 571

GM food can be harmful or not harmful depending on what genes are changed. It's like saying any food crop has been proved non-harmful.

This is rubbish science. Each GM variety needs to be tested spearately, for health and environmental effects. This is what the GM industry doesn't want to do.

Comment Re:Nervous (Score 1) 238

Seeing Oracle and Java all in the same sentence gives me a nervous tick...the same nervous tick that I developed when I read MS was in talks to acquire Adobe.

Seeing Microsoft advising about security gives me that kind of nervousness. Especially when they are pointing the finger at someone else.

Let's see, Java runs on lots of platforms. Has it the same vulnerabilities on them? So we should all uninstall java and depend on Active-X? Which is now secure?

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