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Comment Re:So which field of engineering (Score 2) 1774

I hear you and I logically agree with you. But I've witnessed many examples that show this not to be the case.

For example, when I was in engineering school the most brilliant of my fellow students was a strong believer in creationism. He once lent me one of his creationism textbooks. I dutifully read it and found it to be nonsensical and completely illogical. Yet he was firmly convinced this was the truth. I never have understood how someone who was getting straight A+ marks while taking a double course load could at the same time believe such nonsense.

Comment Re:Successful ad campaign is successful (Score 2) 244

but if apple had filmed a turd for 20 seconds and published that as an official advert it would have the highest viewcount on youtube - however I really doubt that would mean it's a successful advert for them in building of their brand image.

People would have said they liked the new fully cornerless design and swirly textures. Brown is obviously the new white (or black) and you have to be impressed by the new smell feedback technology. It's soft and warm to the touch as well, making it comfortable to hold.

Good thing I didn't step in it!

Comment Re:Pay attention to the professor? (Score 5, Insightful) 134

When I was in first year U I had a calculus prof whose lectures were painfully boring. He'd put a slide on the overhead projector, talk about it while we'd copy it down into our notes. Then he'd put up another slide, repeat, repeat. No time for interaction with the students. Just switch slides, copy, switch slides copy, for 50 excruciating minutes.

One day, the bulb in the project blew. We were all hoping that the prof would cancel the class, but no. He just pushed the overhead to one side, picked up a piece of chalk and started to lecture while writing on the blackboard. The prof transformed from painfully boring into a first rate lecturer. The class was engaging, there was interaction with the students, back and forth discussions. For that one class, the prof was one of the best lecturers I've ever seen.

Next class the overhead was fixed, so it was back to painfully boring.

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