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Comment Millennials are actually rejecting socialism (Score 1) 1080

The U.S. hasn't been truly capitalistic for a long time now. It has been slowly muddied with socialism for years. Those that claim that capitalism isn't working are actually pointing out that the socialism they are slowly integrating and eroding the system with isn't working. Those same people refuse to believe their socialist policies aren't working and that we need more socialist policies to fix it. Many Millennials believe they are rejecting capitalism, when in reality they are rejecting a sluggish economy that socialism is causing.

Comment Re:No surprise here (Score 1) 338

Your statement contains no facts. I can call you ugly all day long, but unless I substantiate it, it means nothing. Here are some facts for you: I supose I am a racist too since that is typically the last resort of somebody that can't think.

Comment Redistribution of wealth is theft (Score 1) 739

I honestly don't care how you color code this to make it sound warm and fuzzy. The premise of this is redistribution of wealth. I work very hard long hours to make a comfortable living for me and my family. I shouldn’t have to work even harder to pay for the insurance of the “poor”. In most instances “poor” is a life choice. What you subsidize you will get more of. Redistribution of wealth is theft.

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