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Comment Re:No different than any other sequestering (Score 3, Interesting) 288

Good point. I was thinking that a jury ban on intartube-connected devices was solely to prevent access to this site:

http://fija.org/ [Fully Informed Jury Association.org]

Merely reciting the quote on the home page beginning with "The primary function of the independent juror..." will be enough to get you thrown off of most jury panels.


DX11 Tested Against DX9 With Dirt 2 Demo 201

MojoKid writes "The PC demo for Codemasters' upcoming DirectX 11 racing title, Dirt 2, has just hit the web and is available for download. Dirt 2 is a highly-anticipated racing sim that also happens to feature leading-edge graphic effects. In addition to a DirectX 9 code path, Dirt 2 also utilizes a number of DirectX 11 features, like hardware-tessellated dynamic water, an animated crowd and dynamic cloth effects, in addition to DirectCompute 11-accelerated high-definition ambient occlusion (HADO), full floating-point high dynamic range (HDR) lighting, and full-screen resolution post processing. Performance-wise, DX11 didn't take its toll as much as you'd expect this early on in its adoption cycle." Bit-tech also took a look at the graphical differences, arriving at this conclusion: "You'd need a seriously keen eye and brown paper envelope full of cash from one of the creators of Dirt 2 to notice any real difference between textures in the two versions of DirectX."

Comment Re:Why is the government even subsidizing this? (Score 1) 591

Does the FCC regulate what signals the CC's broadcast (decency regs aside) over their own wires? The 'A' in OTA is why the FCC regulates that.

Essentially, the CC's have created their own broadcast medium and paid to run it to your house.

I don't see why the CC's would stop broadcasting analog over their wires.


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