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Comment Re:More skepticism (Score 2) 84

Google hasn't been successful, however, in the other big "new marketing opportunity", better known as mobile (smartphone/tablet). And their ability to sell traditional desktop advertising is also staring to slow, and even decline. All this, and something like 96% of Google's revenue comes from one place; online advertising. And if that business is in peril, then things can degrade quickly. I'd say Google hasn't done much in come-to-market products from consumers. Motorola buyout - fail, Nest buyout - probably a fail, everything thinks they overpaid, etc etc.

Comment Re:Only things that matter: (Score 3, Informative) 524

Except actual users don't, you know, give a shit about Flash. From the article: The study, which polled 1,011 U.S. tablet users in June, found that typing large documents (more than 500 words) was the chief frustration among respondents, netting a 44% response. Other tablet features were also singled out as irritations, but less vehemently. Battery life, for instance, got a 36% response while “limited connectivity” earned 23%, “not enough apps available” got 19% and “no flash” 3%.

Comment Re:Anyone know... (Score 1) 520

This is bullshit. For years people have been saying that Apple sells only to the faithful. Yet during most of that same timeframe, Apple computers have been outpacing the industry in terms of growth. Are you suggesting Apple customers refresh their computers more frequently? Or, could it possibly be, that Apple is growing their marketshare by selling to the previously unfaithful and that the halo around iPod, iPhone and iPad that Tim Cook speaks of is genuine?

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