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Comment The good olde days (Score 1) 264

Wire wrap backplanes and osciliscopes the size of a dog house. 2314 disk drives, 9 drawers so you could keep 8 online most of the time. Before voice coil motors, hydraulics moved the heads. There wasn't really a - seek and leak - instruction, it just seemed that way.

Comment There at the beginning, wasn't popular with everyo (Score 1) 216

Worked with a team at American President Lines back in the seventies that built the bar code tracking system for containers. Primitive tech, paper tape, punch cards and loads of green bar. Lots of trouble getting an optical scanner to interface with the 360/50 mainframe in the data center. But the biggest personal risk was to avoid letting the stevedores know what we were up to when visiting the wharves.

Comment Ubiquitous ? (Score 1) 312

This is effectively an instruction prefetch and branch prediction scheme. How does every modern multi-core processor not infringe on this patient or have (all) other manufactures licensed it from UofWis? Didn't they review the patents that Samsung had licensed for the ARM processors that preceded the A4 and its successors?

Comment Re: home of the ?Brave? (Score 2) 580

Not so much, if you are a corporation. The terrorists win. Not a shot fired. Behavior is changed, events are cancelled, angst pervades. Not with a gun or a bomb, but with a torrent this battle was won. Who'd a thunk? Outlook spools as shock and awe. OTH, maybe this better? No actual physical harm ITRW. Still for those corporate execs, light, heat and fallout and the same instinct to duck under their desk. If you can disrupt the infotainment ecosphere, can you cause wide spread mayhem in the real world? Perhaps understandable for MegaPlex execs after Colorado. But for Sony, hard to be sympathetic to serial incompetence. Whatever David Bois is charging them, it isn't enough.

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