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Re:IP Assignment contracts  *Monday April 09, 2001 @08:43AM  2
   attached to Adam Hinkley's IP Hindsights
Re:Okay, so we didn't invent/create math.  *Monday March 19, 2001 @08:26AM  1
Way off-topic, but...  *Monday March 19, 2001 @08:14AM  1
   attached to The "Omega Number" & Foundations of Math
Re:I see a battle like Star Wars going on.  *Wednesday February 21, 2001 @07:13AM  1
Re:Open Source will change our civilisation.  *Wednesday February 21, 2001 @07:00AM  1
   attached to Rebel Code
Re:As I said...  *Friday November 17, 2000 @07:31AM  1
Re:Careful now...  *Friday November 17, 2000 @05:46AM  1
Re:As I said...  *Friday November 17, 2000 @05:32AM  1
Careful now...  *Friday November 17, 2000 @05:23AM  1
   attached to Democratic GPL Software Company
Re:Oooo!!!! I've got it!  *Friday November 17, 2000 @06:15AM  1
   attached to Ian Clarke on Peer-to-Peer
Re:Mozilla is volunteer?  *Thursday November 16, 2000 @05:51AM  1
   attached to Has Netscape's Browser Become Too Self-Serving?
What about new security holes  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @04:08AM  1
   attached to Firewall On A PCI card
Re:Hmm...I wonder...  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @06:11AM  1
Re:continuation history  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @05:58AM  1
Re:continuation history  *Tuesday November 14, 2000 @05:53AM  1
   attached to Interviews With The Creators of Vyper and Stackless
Re:Cyteen, slightly off-topic  *Monday October 30, 2000 @02:54AM  1
   attached to Look to Windward
Re:There goes another bit of the ecosystem...  *Tuesday October 24, 2000 @05:05AM  1
   attached to Mir To Crash Into Pacific
Re:Somewhat worrisome...  *Thursday October 19, 2000 @04:16AM  1
   attached to Bacteria Revived After 250 Million Years
Re:Wired had something about implants  *Monday August 14, 2000 @03:15AM  1
   attached to Human ID Chip Implant Prototype Unveiling
Debian developers never meet face to face?  *Monday August 07, 2000 @10:55PM  2
   attached to Debian Gets $25,000
Re:Stephen King  *Friday August 04, 2000 @06:03AM  1
   attached to Slashback: Retro
Re:It's good to take the poor out to eat  *Thursday August 03, 2000 @06:42AM  1
   attached to Richard M. Stallman Visits Teradyne
Re:Novelty in playability and appeal?  *Wednesday August 02, 2000 @02:13AM  1
   attached to Classic Gaming Gets Recognition
Re:I should give a shit about the poor?  *Thursday June 29, 2000 @06:35AM  1
   attached to Slashback: Attenuation

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