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Comment Re:I'm not the target audience apparently (Score 1) 105

For Microsoft, this is just about sticking a brand name people recognize on their shiny new browser. For Dolby it's about collecting more patent royalties. If it were really just about sound quality, they would touting opus for lossy and flac for lossless. Opus is superior to the now ancient ac3/Dolby digital codec in sound quality per byte and flac is superior to lossless Dolby TrueHD in compression ratio.

Comment Re:Is it too late to get UN sanctions on them? (Score 1) 585

Replace "men" with "women" and you've got the situation 100 years ago in the West. No doubt we're a lot better off today, but this"terminally ill society" seemed to putter along. If this really is such a big problem, maybe it'd be better to look at the root causes of why males are dwindling in academia rather than trying to force the symptom to go away.

Comment Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score 1) 665

This sounds like another annoying thing that apple has done that is actually the RIGHT thing. Much like ostracising flash. Decisions like this will get developers thinking twice about using flash or javascript indiscriminantly, even if it is for the wrong reasons of appealing to Apple users rather than security, speed and stability. As troubling as their choke chain is, I'm glad there are some instances in which Apple are using their popularity to accelerate technically well thought-out change for everyone, not just their customers. It's still not enough to make me buy their products though.

Comment Re:How many rabbits were sacrificed? (Score 5, Insightful) 274

This seems to be the consensus among slashdotters given the consistent downmodding of people who even remotely question, let alone challenge, the ethics of animal experimentation. However, no one seems to address the rational justification for elevating humans to a higher level of worth. I'm not saying that experimentation is outright wrong, but the ethical assessments like these should never be automatic.

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