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Comment Re:When you are outside people can see you (Score 1) 242

Suppose, instead, that there were police permanently stationed outside your house, watching your windows, and every time you left home they followed you everywhere you went.

Well, that would have stopped the guy that tried to break into my house early one morning when I was asleep in bed, and would also have stopped me from getting mugged that time walking home at night, so yeah, I'd say that would be a good thing!

Comment Re:I'm glad Slashdot posted this (Score 1) 410

I'm about to blow your mind. Security at airports is significantly higher than at magazine offices and rock concerts.

I'm about to blow it right back!

And in a country currently overrun with Islamists, it's not hard to see this happening.

Get all that?
Probably not because you seem to be an SJW moron.

If you're not prepared to grow up then at least creep back into your little safe-space and stop posting on the big bad internet.

Comment Can it be washed? (Score 1) 76

Maybe I'm missing something, but all the praise seems to be around the ability to repel water.

What if something gets dirty from something airborne like exhaust fumes or atmospheric haze or something?

Am I able to wash that off?

If not, it's not self-cleaning, not even 'cleaning-neutral', but actively 'cleaning-resistant'.

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