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Comment Re:Haha America (Score 0) 194

What a retarded rhetoric. They're F'ing engineers not marketeers. Of course they're going to need a good marketing department. It has nothing to do with product. You can package garbage and sell it to people provided you do the 'right' things. Your point proves absolutely nothing. However, it does create a lot of confusion, specially in your own damn mind.

Comment Re:Too limited a perspective (Score 0) 614

I think there's a lot of truth to that. However, like you said there's a lot of complexity. But that's not even the whole story, what about wealth disparity. Right now automation is creating unemployment, and the ones that benefit from that are very few, the rest of society get screwed. As far as I know there aren't any real alternatives to those who lost their jobs. What I don't know is who's role is it to save those people. Is it the market? the government? I just don't know enough. Or should we just let them starve to death or live lives in poverty.

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