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Submission + - Scammers Targeting Guilty Consciences of Downloadi (

kevinatilusa writes: "A blog at the Chronicle for Higher Education is reporting on an apparent scam targeting students at Bucknell University. Students there were contacted by a collection agency claiming to represent the (apparently non-existent) "Cayman Academic Resources", and requested to give their credit card numbers and pay $500 to settle claims of illegal downloading.

Unluckily for the scammers, students decided to check with University officials instead of just paying up."

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Can virtual diseases model real-life epidemics?

kevinatilusa writes: The Associated Press reports on a study published by Nina Fefferman and Eric Lofgren in the Lancet. The article suggests that the 2005 Corrupted Blood epidemic in World of Warcraft could be useful as a model of the human factors (including the aptly named "stupid factor") often missed in theoretical models of the next big outbreak. Fefferman suggests that in the future online games might be useful to "provide a population where controlled outbreak simulations may be done seamlessly within the player experience".

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