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Comment Re:We're still trying to get our users off XP (Score 1) 167

I saw a recent article about the United States Navy spending MILLIONS of dollars for Microsoft XP support. Sad and most likely a waste of money, but they (the Navy) have applications that will not run on anything else and instead of spending the Millions of dollars to rewrite or replace, they spend Millions of dollars getting XP support.

Sigh - government contracts make me cry

Comment Re:For Testing (Score 1) 140

In my personal case - I have one account for family, one for my spouses work, one for commenting on web sites like ThinkProgress. They are all "real" but they do violate the terms of service that say you can only have one account on facebook.

Oh and I forgot the account that I used to "validate" my Huffington Post login. And the couple of accounts abandoned when I changed ISP's and ...

5% - that might be the number of "real" accounts on facebook!

Comment Re:Yes, because moderation is oh so hard to do (Score 1) 384

Moreover, The Huffington Post requires a Facebook account to be verified. This requires giving Facebook either a current, unique mobile phone number. Some people don't have their own mobile phone number, such as people who use a land line or people who share a phone with other members of the household. How does The Huffington Post reasonably expect people to buy a prepaid mobile phone and subscribe to a month of prepaid mobile phone service just to create a commenting account?

HP doesn't care. I did buy a pre-paid phone and used the number to "verify" my "HP face" facebook account. Why? because the phone was 1/2 the cost of the replacement phone from t-mobile and dropping your phone in a bowl of vinegar seems to make it "not work".

So to HP - Up Yours and I will STILL post anonymously!

Comment Re: Yes, because moderation is oh so hard to do (Score 1) 384

Real Names? he he he - I comment on HuffingtonPost and my name does not show up. HP relies on Facebook for verification. Facebook wants you to verify by mobile phone text message. $25 - $50 at Walmart gets you a "mobile phone" with text to do the verification.

HP is just kidding themselves if they think it will change anything. The only thing that changes is some people won't visit their site again because of this change, reducing the number of clicks that can tell advertisers they have.

Comment Re:Yes, because moderation is oh so hard to do (Score 1) 384

Huffingtonpost has ALWAYS moderated its comments. You can't even use $ for s when typed with "hit"!

Huffingtonpost is losing lots and lots of people because of its requirement that you not only have a facebook account, but the facebook account needs to be "verified" using a MOBILE phone. So if you don't have a mobile phone that can send and receive texts - huffingtonpost doesn't think you need to exist!

Of course for $50 at your local WalMart, you can get a mobile phone with text and never - ever - have your real name associated with it. Facebook doesn't know the difference and neither does HP because they rely on facebook for the "verification" that you are "Ralph Smith" or "John Thompson" or ...

Comment Re:Raised eyebrows in China? (Score 1) 282

China did purchase a used aircraft carrier from Russia. A gutted, empty hull of a ship with no equipment or propulsion. China spent millions rebuilding the ship, not to have a carrier, but to learn what it takes to build one. China already has a least one carrier and possibly more under construction.

None of the carriers china is building is anything close to the Nimitz class ships the United States has.

Comment Drone Alert! (Score 1) 75

In consideration of many drones now using GPS to navigate and Iran already claims to have "captured" a United States drone using faked GPS signals. I would hope that the corporations handling GPS systems be figuring out ways of detecting spoofed GPS signals.

FYI - Crew of a $80M yacht relying solely on GPS to navigate? Seriously? What ever happened to paper charts, sextants, taking sightings and looking at radar returns from land masses? The U.S. Navy .... ran aground in the Philippines, Hawaii, and ....

Just ignore me, I am not saying anything anymore :-(

Comment Re:Colocation? (Score 1) 290

First issue - his main office is in a building (most likely a strip mall -- next to a beauty salon?). To me that translates to a small operation which may or may not have the funds to do a proper disaster recovery / offsite location capability. (From experience working in a company that had a GREAT pizza place right next door.)

Small office, small funds, maybe putting your stuff on a cloud will work, but is it the most cost effective solution for you? Or are you paying for something that is an illusion, such as you think you have disaster recovery, but don't. Yes the "cloud" provider is less likely to be taken out by a drunk driver, but what are its recovery in the event of a tornado or flood.

Sprint had (has?) great fiber network, built in ring. but they didn't realize both legs of a ring (in Kansas City) went across the same street on the same telephone poles until a dump truck drove by with the bed up and took out their network!

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