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Submission + - Self-healing plastic mimics bleeding when damaged (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: When humans get hurt they bleed. It’s nature’s way of telling us something is wrong and we need to be careful with that area of our body until it heals. Now that same process has been used to create a self-healing plastic material that informs us visually when it has been damaged.

When damaged, the clear plastic turns red, demonstrating where and how extensive the damage is. This was achieved by modifying the composition of the plastic to be full of small molecular bridges. Each bridge, when broken, color changes from clear to red. The self-healing property of the plastic can be activated simply by exposing the area to sunlight, some other intense light source, a temperature change, or acidic vapors.

Comment Re:Why not (Score 2) 1091

My 15 year old daughter crashed the hard drive in here laptop by throwing it around. She also lost all the installation discs that came with it. I put ubuntu on it and she never complained once. But yeah it took me awhile to get it setup right, the wireless network card gave me a bit of trouble until I figured out what drivers I needed.

Submission + - NASA Pronounces Phoenix Mars Lander Officially Dea (popsci.com)

kev0153 writes: NASA pronounces Phoenix dead after hundreds of pounds of ice, built up from the Martian winter, collapse its solar panels. Earthly research continues on the wealth of data Phoenix sent back, including some of the most detailed findings relating to water ice beneath the Martian planet's soil. Phoenix's proudest moment was the discovery of perchlorate in the soil, which can act as a sponge, sucking up water in the atmosphere and feeding it to any number of microbes that thrive on it here on Earth. Rest in Peace...

Submission + - Adobe admits it's worried about iPhone, iPad (cnet.com)

BFlatSeven writes: Adobe might be putting a brave face on for its battle against Apple, but the company quietly admitted in its latest quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that if Apple continues to block Flash from both the iPhone and iPad, it could be facing some trouble.

Submission + - A Look Into China's Web Censorship Program (msn.com)

kev0153 writes: MSNBC is offering a good article explaining some of the details behind China's web censorship program. "Google’s face-off with Beijing over censorship may have struck a philosophical blow for free speech and encouraged some Chinese Netizens by its sheer chutzpah, but it doesn’t do a thing for Internet users in China. Its more lasting impact may lie in the global exposure it has given to the Chinese government’s complex system of censorship – an ever-shifting hodgepodge of restrictions on what information users can access, which Web tools they can use and what ideas they can post."

Submission + - Trojans Now Using License Activation Keys (threatpost.com)

redsoxh8r writes: The authors of the Zeus bot client, perhaps the most popular and pervasive piece of malware of its kind right now, have taken an extraordinary step to protect their creation: inserting a hardware-based licensing scheme into the Trojan. This represents a significant leap in the sophistication and professionalism of malware development, researchers say. Zeus has been making the rounds on the Web for some time now, and it has gone through a number of revisions and upgrades in recent months. Its creators, who remain unknown, have steadily added more and more features and functionality to the package. Much of this is fairly standard stuff, but the addition of the hardware licensing/activation scheme is an interesting, unique twist. Researchers at SecureWorks have been analyzing each new iteration of the Zeus kit and found that the latest release, version 1.3.4.x, added this functionality, likely in an effort to prevent rivals from selling pirated versions of the attack kit.

Submission + - Solar Powered Augmented Contact Lenses Cover Your (su.pr)

ByronScott writes: Want eyesight that could put your neighborhood cyborg to shame? Well, University of Washington professor Babak Amir Parviz and his students are working on solar powered contact lenses embedded with hundreds of semitransparent LEDs, letting wearers experience augmented reality right through their eyes. If their research proves successful, the applications — from health monitoring to gameplay to just plain bionic sight -could be endless.

Submission + - Ultima Online developer's lost lunar rover found! (wired.co.uk) 1

Lanxon writes: The guy behind Ultima Online once bought an old Russian rover, despite it being lost on the moon somewhere. And now, using images released by NASA, it has been located on the moon's surface after nearly four decades of being MIA, reports Wired. Richard Garriott, who created the Ultima Online multiplayer game, bought the Lunokhod 2 in a Sotheby's auction in New York in 1998. And so new was the discovery of his lost possession, he hadn't even heard that the craft had been discovered when Wired spoke to him.

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