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Comment Re:Typical IT guy (Score 1) 448

I totally understand. I realize that the IT-people-are-power-drunk-jerks stereotype didn't appear out of thin air. I try my hardest to surprise my fellow employees by actually being nice, helpful, and non-autocratic. As for attaching spreadsheets and presentations to emails and then forwarding them to fifty people instead of copying them to a public directory, I'm completely with you.

Submission + - Microsoft sent FCC defective wireless prototype (

mikesd81 writes: "The Register reports that Microsoft sent the FCC a defective prototype that sends high-speed Internet signals over unused television airwaves. On July 31, the Federal Communications Commission released an 85-page report saying that Microsoft's "white space" prototype was unable to detect unused TV spectrum and that it interfered with other wireless devices, however Microsoft says the device was defective.

From the article: ""During meetings with FCC engineers last week, Microsoft determined that the prototype device tested by the Commission was working improperly and an internal component was broken. This accounted for the FCC's aberrant test results," said Jack Krumholtz, Microsoft's managing director for federal government affairs. "We remain confident that the unused channels in the television spectrum band can successfully be used without harmful interference to incumbent licensees such as television and wireless microphone services.""

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is on record as saying the commission hopes to find a way of transmitting Internet service over "white spaces," portions of television spectrum that go used by local TV channels. Evidently, Microsoft had submitted two white-space prototypes to the FCC for testing: the one that failed the FCC's test, and a "spare" that was never used. According to Microsoft, once they got the spare back into their own lab, it worked pretty well — but it seems that certain functions needed a little tweaking."

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - MGs Now Made in China (

kernspaltung writes: According to BCC News: "Nanjing Automobile has unveiled the first MG cars to be built in China. It bought the bankrupt UK firm MG Rover for £53m ($104m) in 2005." Also of interest is the hint that MGs will be available in the US again: "Nanjing Auto acquired MG Rover's assembly lines and engine technology. It plans to set up an assembly line in Oklahoma next year to supply the US market." Will the classic British sports car marque, now owned by a Chinese company and being manufactured in Oklahoma, mean anything to new car buyers?

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