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Journal keraneuology's Journal: Defecit spending? You ain't seen nothing yet!

If you think the shrub was big on deficit spending wait'll you see one of those jac... donkey-folk in power. Yesterday on the Ed Schultz show the intrepid host was gleefully boasting that soon we will (and this is a direct quote) "be able to spend whatever we want". The shrub is a moron. His $3 trillion spending plan is asinine to the core, reckless beyond comparison and represents the economic collapse of this nation. Here's the sad part - Hillary *knows* this. She also knows that she is personally immune to any economic, social or security hardships. Much ado has been made about her recently loaning $5 million to her campaign fund, less attention has been paid to the $20 million payoff that they just received from Dubai (reported in the WSJ 1/22/08). Her arrogance and contempt for the law are such that she is laundering illegal campaign contributions through her own personal checking accounts. It has also been reported that she is asking her campaign workers to forgo paychecks. She certainly has the money so it is equally likely that she just doesn't care about anybody but herself and is hoarding the cash as it is that she is paying them under the table to avoid IRS regulations (or to be able to make secret payments to campaign workers doing illegal and immoral things). Furthermore, about that campaign "loan" to herself. It is a legal form of money laundering - she "loans" herself $5 million and then friends and well-wishers who want to get money back to Hillary tax-free will "contribute" to the DNC general fund, which then gives the money to Hillary's campaign which then "repays" the loan to Hillary. I give it a 4:5 chance that regardless of the popular vote Hillary will get the party nomination - she has the support of all of the party bigwigs who act as "superdelegates" and have about 45% of the party votes to cast as they see fit without any accountability or regard for the will of the people. (This means, of course, that Hillary is wasting the taxpayers' money on primary elections that have no significance or consequence.) To win the nomination Obama needs to win -all- of the delegates through the primaries, while Clinton only needs to win 10-15% of them. And yet people -continue- to support the Democrat party. Why?
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Defecit spending? You ain't seen nothing yet!

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