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Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 610

The whole "Gorean" fantasy thing sort of squicks me out, but it's a FANTASY, and here on the real Earth, it's a CONSENSUAL fantasy. I've read some of the "Counter Earth" SF/F stories, and they're weird - but PRETENDING it doesn't hurt anything.

So if this guy is a good programmer, I don't think the SJWs should concern themselves about what role-playing fantasies he's into. They DO, of course, which proves that the SJWs are more into mental games than actual REALITY.

Comment Cannot Imagine That I Would Ever Need One..... (Score 1) 301

I'm as vanilla as they come. Retired US Navy officer, don't speed, do drugs, or have any other bad habits. My worst bad habit is drinking too much Diet Pepsi. I cannot imagine that I would EVER need a cell phone, or a computer, or a tablet, with a "kill code".

But you can never imagine it happening until it does, at which time it's too late. Yes, I'd like for Android and iOS and Windows and *nix to offer operating systems with an option of a duress password that invokes a "super vanilla, bare-bones" experience. A smart phone that, if you enter the duress code, reverts to be just a "POTS"; "Plain Old Telephone System". (Better yet, emulate a Nokia with only a handful of basic contacts.) A laptop that, if the duress password is entered, boot into a functional-but-contains-nothing desktop with no network access to ANYTHING. A tablet that would erase the local memory and password list.

We'll never NEED this, of course.

Until we do.

Comment Re:mode complexity (Score 1) 144

Stop throwing in the towel just because it's easier to look down on people who use social networks. It is within possibility to fix this in law.

Possible? Yes. Profitable, to Facebook or Twitter or Google? No, because the users aren't paying for the service; they ARE the service that ADVERTISERS are paying for. As long as social media companies are advertiser-supported, the social media companies will NEVER implement reasonable security measures, because the social media companies would go bankrupt. Zuckerberg et. al. will never offer good security, because they would go broke.

Comment Re:mode complexity (Score 1) 144

If there was a demand for security, then companies would offer it.

The problem is that if you are not paying for the service, then YOU are the product being sold. Social networking companies sell access to their users, who are generally NOT paying for the service. The users are the PRODUCT being sold, and good security would decrease advertiser access (and remember, the advertisers ARE paying...) to the users.

Comment Fix It In Software (Score 1) 118

Wearing "blue-blocking" spectacles is the wrong solution to the problem. Fix it in software. Run "f.lux" on your PC, "NightShift" on your Apple devices, "Twilight" on your Android phone, or "BlueShade" on your Kindle. There are probably equivalent tools in other operating systems.

I don't know about easing eye strain; I already use prescription "computer glasses" that focus at monitor distance. But using these applications do seem to help me sleep better after working (or playing) on my computer for most of the evening.

Comment Especially in Sacramento, CA (Score 1) 150

In the Central Valley of California, we have a long dry season and (generally) a short cold wet season. Squirrels rip the insulation off of buried power cables during the dry season. Then when the rains come, rain water shorts out the systems causing power outages. This used to be exceptionally common, but has been less so during our 5-year drought.

I'm actually surprised that we haven't had more power failures in the last month's "Pineapple Express" storms; my power hasn't even flickered in several months.

Comment Because Some People Don't See the 3D (Score 1) 435

Neither my wife nor I can't wear 3D glasses; me because I have a hefty prism correction in my glasses, and her because she doesn't perceive 3D in two flat pictures. A substantial minority of people have difficulty seeing 3D movies or 3D television, meaning that they won't purchase 3D TV sets. And even for those who DO see the 3D effects clearly, there isn't that much difference in picture, but a substantial difference in price.

Comment IF ONLY This Were True! (Score 1) 241

"We avoid voter fraud by requiring verification of ones name, age and address."

Certainly that's the CONCEPT behind voter ID, but the reality is that voter fraud is easy, substantial, and sometimes decisive. For any election decided by less than 1% of the vote, voter fraud could easily have flipped the election.

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