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Comment Peer to peer (Score 1) 624

I think when people look back from the future, peer to peer as a generic information distribution methodology rather than just a file sharing system could possibly become worthy of #1, although of course I'm certain that it's not the #1 for CNN right now.

When considering the implications this model could have applied to industries where it has not yet the potential is interesting. For example, people have been talking about a peer to peer energy grid which allows every consumer to also be a producer which combined with hydrogen cells (why aren't these on the list btw???) could cause lots of microproducers to solve the coming energy crisis. You could change communication networks to peer to peer. You could have automated cars running on peer to peer for traffic handling.

I think it has the potential to be one of those fundamentally new interdisciplinary ways of approaching all kinds of problems that has a massive impact on the way we live our lives.

Just like ecommerce wouldn't be where it is today without the porn business pioneering the whole thing, peer to peer born on the back of copyright infringement could become an industry shaker too.

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