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Comment Current copy right laws are a big problem. (Score 3, Insightful) 348

Effectively everything after 1921 has some kind of copyright complication with it complicating access and long term archiving. Since corporations can own stuff that ownership can go on forever. Even the Happy Birthday song is owned and nobody puts it in film or video as a result. I'm happy that google is winning the court cases its fighting to get copyrighted material on line, but its sad that it takes one corporation to take on other corporations to win.

Comment Re:Make a decent addon keyboard. (Score 2) 90

can you swype without looking at the keyboard and see where your finger is? I can thumb type without looking at the keyboard. 100% of my focus is on the content I'm typing, not what my fingers are doing. your motor skill problem could make you an exception. If you can point out a youtube video showing a good usecase for swype I would appreciate it.

Comment is comcast conning me? (Score 1) 141

I have DSL that used to be cheap but they made me get a phone line and it almost doubled in price. (i don't need or use the phone line). I called comcast and they said i can get internet only for 44$ per month. I don't need tv because i get all i need from an OTA and the internet. Is that price for real or is there hidden prices that despite my asking about will still get tacked on my bill. I'm in central NJ, only choices are Verizon DSL(what i now have) and Comcast.

Comment 8K will be the standard video resolution in 10yrs. (Score 1) 154

There was an article in Scientific American or something a few years about the upcoming resolution for video. They basically said 8K is being build out for all broadcasting. That way public places like airports, sports arenas, malls (if they still exit), billboards can display video feeds on 20ft screens or more and picture quality will look great. People at home who want the best video, especially those with home theater or other ways to have 8-10ft screen will also watch the same 8k feeds. secondary or smaller screens in the home will probably stay at 4K. Cinema on the other hand will probably go with a 16K or even 32K (Imax) video system. I'll try to find the article and post later.

Comment Ninety-nine percent of the land is not used ??? (Score 1) 203

He loses a lot of credibility with this statement. What I guess he means is the land is not occupied by people. But if you take a look the land is heavily used for grazing, timber, mining. I've flown over and driven over the US quite a few times and it really depresses me. The Mississippi is turned into a big drainage ditch. From the ground I see cattle grazing everywhere and they have huge effects on the original ecosystem. The ranchers that have been protesting out west about grazing on government land have gotten in trouble for burning native shrub so it can be replaced with grasses better for cattle. Even historically there has been much fighting over land in the west, they were called the range wars. Montana was the most famous, but there has been lots of other wars over water, fences and sheep vs cattle.

Comment I'll be suprised if VR goes anywhere. (Score 1) 47

I use google streetview a lot, basically as a virtual tourist. I even put together my own little library - museum of my favorite places:
but I talk to people and I'm shocked at how few(actually none) people are into using google streetview to explore. Although, there are whole web sites devoted to streetview pics of hookers and people urinating in the streets. Quite a few people say its somehow wrong to see the world through streetview and you should go there in person to see it for 'real'. Problem is I only have the budget to see a fraction of the world for 'real'. 90+ percent of the people I talk to only want to do facebook and Netflix on the internet. Maybe VR will take off but it will surprise me.

Comment Re:The printing press (Score 2) 397

I agree with printing press. I think the modern era began with the printing press. it was the basis of both the Reformation and Scientific revolution. Before the printing press, ideas circulated so slowly it was looked a more as reference material. After the printing press ideas spread so quickly that ideas became a collaborative effort, almost a conversation between people that never met.

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