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Comment Wrong! (Score 1) 551

I remember when the oil industry was deregulated. Prices shot up. Now they make profit even when things are at their worst. What will happen if the electric industry is deregulated? The same thing. Electric companies control regions and have no competition in those regions. Even Co-ops buy their electric from the main company. Deregulating it will just make things worse.

Comment Confiscation??? (Score 1) 394

The law states that a person is innocent until proven guilty. WHAT he is guilty of is beyond me. Since he's NOT proven to be guilty of anything, yet, the confiscation of his personal firearms and permits are a breach of his constitutional rights. The government has broken constitutional law by doing this, and the persons involved need to be prosecuted and jailed for doing so. Also, the items must be returned immediately.

Comment Not in this lifetime... (Score 1) 104

There isn't enough screen real estate to warrant any useful 'app' that could do what a console can do. I don't want my phone to be anything more than a phone. Mobile AND console. Hey, guess what? Its called a laptop. You couldn't possibly sell me any phone that can run 'games' because it would suck to have to use the lame phone controls to play it. I may as well buy a Nintendo. Sounds to me like they're grasping at straws. There really is an end to what you can do with any device. May as well realize it and go from there.

Comment As long as it can't be crippled.. (Score 1) 362

I have to agree that the game needs its own built in server that can be found over the internet even after the services like Steam or Xbox Live have given up on it. On another note, games like Left 4 Dead would be more interesting (to me and quite a number of others I've talked to) if they had not only a co-op mode, but a Versus mode that doesn't make you take on the likes of a zombie, but rather a team (human) versus or even a human vs bots. Making versus mode a customizable option would have more people playing, in my opinion.

Comment Check it out for yourself (Score 1) 791

Forget the inverse of the square and everyone else who's trying to find the most technical analysis to your dilemma. Seems you've all missed the point. Get an inexpensive electromagnetic field detector (you can even make one) and scan the apartment for electromagnetic radiation. If it is consistently above 3 to 5 milligauss then you may want to reconsider. If it is higher, then you ask yourself whether or not you 'feel' strange in the apartment (due to the electromagnetic fields possibly being an influence on your brain). The only way to know is to test it for yourself.

Comment Welcome to Cloud Computing (Score 1) 497

Well, folks, this is the future of cloud computing that all the big companies want to shove down your throat. It means exactly what was described above, nothing that you say, do, or buy is yours. It is designed to allow the entire internet to be taken out of the box and exposed to whatever scrutiny anyone desires. It leads to lost data, because no system is perfect, lost time, because no connection is perfect, lost privacy, because no security can't be broken ( at least at home you can disconnect a drive, eh?), and misrepresentation and twisting of the truth, because there are already too many idiots out there that don't get all the facts on someone/something before the accusations begin. If you can't physically own something you pay for, then why pay for it? The concept of a game isn't what I bought, I bought the entire game, as a legal copy, to do as I wish for my entertainment. When I can't do this at will and without fear of problems from somewhere else, then I don't really control my software anymore, whether or not if its a game or my business. The real sticker for this is that if someone sued for stolen data, data loss, or interruption for a game, it would get laughed out of a court. Only when it happens to a business is it going to be a major case. Besides, data access for a business is already here, thats why you log into a site to get that data. I can't really see the advantage, at all, of the cloud.

Comment Bing??? What a Joke!! (Score 1) 510

I spent weeks using Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines to look up everything I could think of (things I would normally be looking up). Bing was a very, very, distant third. Actually, so much so, out of the three, I would have rated it fourth. Making Deals with Microsoft isn't always a good idea. This just proves the point.

Comment National Security??? (Score 2, Interesting) 407

How can ACTA possibly be anywhere close to a 'national security' concern???? If you look at the excerpts so far, there is nothing there to even hint at it. The ONLY possible reason for the secrecy is they don't want people bringing up public furor over a 'world' copyright police act. If that drives countries away from it, then it probably isn't a good idea in the first place. To hide something so that the people can't have a say... sounds like Iran.

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