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State Bans Texting While Driving 329

netbuzz writes "The state of Washington yesterday became the first in the nation to ban text-messaging while driving. The law could use sharper teeth, but it's a natural and necessary progression of the movement to clamp down on those who find the need to constantly communicate more important than the safety of their fellow travelers."

Submission + - Man fined for linking to another site

newtley writes: "Canadian businessman Wayne Crookes believes linking to an article he doesn't like is grounds for a libel lawsuit. In a series of cases linking ordinary people with giant Net entities such as Google, Yahoo and Wikimedia, he's been able to throw an icy chill over on- and offline print and electronic media, in Canada at least. Now comes what may be the first example of someone being successfully prosecuted for linking. In Hong Kong, Woo Tai-wai, 48, has been fined $HK5,000 ($640) for "incorporating a pornographic link in an internet message," says the South China Morning Post, quoted by the German Press Agency."

Submission + - Intel To Launch CPU Graphics

Danny writes: Wolfdale and Penryn processors will be launched this Q3 and Q4 respectively by Intel. But the shocking news is Intel will be integrating graphics solutions into its CPUs which will be manufactured on the 45nm process. Will the graphics core come with some very fast onboard RAM? The bottom line is this will eventually cut into the OEM graphics market which is where the big money lies and certainly a potential concern for NVIDIA and ATI.

Submission + - Thai land bullying Google

An anonymous reader writes: First Thailand blocked YouTube (and other video sites). They then accused Google of bullying small counties, but caving to chinas will. Next it was to sue Google in America, then criminal charges in Thailand. Well now the unelected government of Thailand has passed legistration that would make useing proxies and other IP hiding system illegal. Oh but wait after that now they are demanding YouTube hand over IP addresses of those who uploaded the clips the unelected government deems inappropriate. http://www.bangkokpost.com/060507_News/06May2007_n ews06.php http://www.bangkokpost.com/100507_News/10May2007_n ews06.php http://www.bangkokpost.com/topstories/topstories.p hp?id=118677
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat announces "Liberation fonts"

Richard W.M. Jones writes: "Red Hat (disclaimer: I work for them) has announced a set of metrically equivalent fonts to the popular, but proprietary Microsoft core fonts, released with source under the GPL. There are three faces, Liberation Mono (a substitute for Courier New), Sans (for Arial) and Serif (for Times New Roman). Sadly there is no news on a substitute for Comic Sans. RPMs are available from here and Ubuntu are working to include them too."

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