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Comment Re:Not the first time (Score 1) 328

It didn't catch it for me. As posted you really to make sure and keep GWX updated and I assume use Monitor mode which I hadn't turned on yet. Not sure if it would have known to stop that latest update.

I just happened to see there was an update, normally don't look at them since GWX was installed, and saw that fucking turd of an update trying to force it's way on to my HTPC. Would have been a real problem for me.

Comment They'll still find a way to screw you. (Score 4, Insightful) 113

This is Comcast we are talking about. I'm sure watching the video counts towards your data cap.

Today I got a flyer for Comcast w/DVR for $89 month. Great! Right?

Actually let's see what the real price is. $89 base fee+$5 Broadcast TV Fee+$3 Regional Sports Free+$10 HD Technology Fee(what? you thought HD was included?)+$10 Cable Modem Free+Other taxes and fees. So really that $89 is actually $120 month plus tax. And after 1yr it's $130 month plus tax.

Comcast, "we charge 40-50% above our teaser rates because we can".

Comment Fuck no (Score 1) 352

You can delete this off your site right now. The Wired ISP's don't need any more ammo in their campaign to get rid of all Wired internet and force everyone onto shitty small capped LTE connections.

Price, Speed, Caps, we are a long way from Wireless being able to take over for Wired for the majority of Americans.

I keep saying this every year but why the hell aren't we paying $19 a month for Gb unlimited internet connections for everyone American at this point? This needs to be one of those Kennedy moments where a speech is given and we make it a priority to make this happen for all Americans within 5 years. Plenty of unemployed/underemployed Americans would jump on the opportunity to help build out our infrastructure.

Comment Mod up (Score 1) 126

Or don't. If you don't know that 85% of Android devices won't ever get proper security/platform updates due to Phone/Tablet OEMs being completely clueless regarding security then go back to sleep. Phone companies just want to concentrate on billing you as much as possible per GB and Tablet OEMs? Don't get me started on the glut of crappy Android tablets that have been rushed out the door over the years.

A total disservice to a solid OS.

Comment A fun book to read is Command and Control (Score 2, Informative) 289

A fun history of one particularly disturbing incident where a single dropped tool almost caused a huge explosion and also some other fun anecdotes as well. When you think about how true the phrase "to err is human" is, you have wonder why they ever thought building these WMDs was ever a good idea in the first place. Scary stuff.

Data Storage

How a Frozen Neutrino Observatory Grapples With Staggering Amounts of Data ( 49

citadrianne writes: Deep beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, sensors buried in a billion tons of ice—a cubic kilometer of frozen H2O—are searching for neutrinos. "We neutrino from the atmosphere every ~10 minutes that we sort of care about, and one neutrino per month that comes from an astrophysical sources that we care about a very great deal," researcher Nathan Whitehorn said. "Each particle interaction takes about 4 microseconds, so we have to sift through data to find the 50 microseconds a year of data we actually care about." Computing facilities manager Gonzalo Merino added, "If the filtered data from the Pole amounts to ~36TB/year, the processed data amounts to near 100TB/year." Because IceCube can't see satellites in geosynchronous orbit from the pole, internet coverage only lasts for six hours a day, Whitehorn explained. The raw data is stored on tape at the pole, and a 400-core cluster makes a first pass at the data to cut it down to around 100GB/day. A 4000-CPU dedicated local cluster crunches the numbers. Their storage system has to handle typical loads of "1-5GB/sec of sustained transfer levels, with thousands of connections in parallel," Merino explained.

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