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Comment Re: Ionizing radiation linked to circulatory disea (Score 1) 155

They has to expose the mice to a 20 year equivalent of radiation to see the effect, how does that confirm the results? 1 of the 7 astronauts also died in a motorcycle accident, does that mean deep space radiation increases your chance of being killed on a motorcycle by several orders of magnitude?

Comment Re: It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

You don't need to retire. You could move to Vegas today, get a job making the same money, and buy a nice house with the same money you're currently plowing into rent. I don't get this whole mindset of "all the great things I'll do when I'm retired" while ignoring that you could be doing them right now.

Comment Re: So just rename it then? (Score 5, Insightful) 330

Tesla explains the limitations of the system when you buy the car, the car explains it to you again when you activate the feature (requiring you to accept that you understand), tells you again when you turn it on to drive somewhere, and reminds you yet again if you take your hands off the wheel. If some moron can't understand that, what would is a 100 hours of training going to accomplish. Maybe they should put shockers in the seat for additional reinforcement

Comment Re: Great work from the Yes Men (Score 1, Insightful) 565

Yes, because we've seen what all those responsible gun owners have done to support all of the other amendments of the constitution. We've seen recent laws piss all over the 1st, and 4th-8th amendments, yet I havn't heard of the armed insurrection that "The People" have launched "to hold the government accountable". Just a lot of frothing around any attempt to even have any kind of discussion about what can be done about the epidemic of gun violence in the US. Of course these same frothing folks are more than willing to talk about gutting other amendments because "terrorism"

Comment Re:No Headphone Jack? No Sale. (Score 1) 227

A number of companies offer kits to add Bluetooth to your stock head units. We added Bluetooth, hands free phone and audio streaming to our 2007 Honda Odyssey with no impact to the head unit or steering wheel controls. The only change was a button I had to add to the dash (to answer calls, or initiate voice dialing) and a microphone above the driver side a-frame for hands free calls. Cost me ~$100

Comment Re: Meaningless (Score 1) 249

Some people pirate due to availability and antiquated regional licensing models. There are several shows me and my wife watch that I cannot obtain in any legal manner in Canada. I would happily pay the rights holder for their content, but they have offered no legal manner for us to do so. So torrent it is

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

You don't get it, the 2nd amendment is sacrosanct. If you mention something as simple as putting background checks checks in place, or maybe not giving automatic rifles the the mentally ill , the NRA response is "burn him, burn him". On the other hand the 1st amendment and 4th through 8th can go right into the shredder because "terrorism"

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