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Submission + - New "designer" human organs from inkjet printing? (hplusmagazine.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Though at first they'll only print "very basic tissues like blood vessels", the CSO of Organovo sees the business potential in using their bio-printers to create artificial human organs for implanting. ("You give us your cells: we grow them, we print them...") And he also raises the possibility of "designer organs", artificially grown into customized sizes and shapes. Organovo will distribute its $200,000 inkjet-like organ printers to medical research centers starting this year. Their "ink" comes from stem cells (from adult bone marrow) guided by growth factors into specific cell types, then packed into droplets of "ink" containing up to 30,000 cells to be printed onto sheets of organic biopaper where they self-assemble into functional tissue. And doctors at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are also developing similar technology that would "scan the contours of a body part requiring a skin graft and then print skin onto it."

Submission + - US wants better Apple forensic toolsfor 'Net crime (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: This week the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) said it wants to fund development of a number of key digital crime technologies including Apple Macintosh forensic tools, cell phone analysis packages and software that can fight Internet anonymizers. According to the NIJ, state and local law enforcement are seizing Macintosh computers and devices as digital evidence in investigations more frequently.

Submission + - Does This Headline Know You're Reading It? (hplusmagazine.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: "Not yet, but it could." German artificial intelligence researchers are combining JavaScript with eye-tracking hardware to create "text 2.0," which "infers user intentions." Unimportant words also fade out while you're skimming the text, and a bookmark automatically appears if you glance away. It can pronounce the words you're reading, and reading certain words can trigger the appearance of footnotes or even translations, biographies, definitions, and sound effects or animations, almost like the truly interactive books in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age. "With the help of an eye tracker, Text 2.0 follows your progress and presents effects just in time," the researchers explain in a video. Meanwhile, DFKI has already created a free "Processing Easy Eye Tracker plugin" (or PEEP) to manipulate windows with what they call "gaze-controlled tab expose," while there's speculation similar technology may be adopted by Apple. Apple has already purchased Tobii's eye-tracking hardware, and "Whether these are for internal research only or for a future product, Apple is characteristically not saying.

Submission + - PCWorld refuse hardware repair due to Linux. 10

Tikka writes: "Today I visit PC World (London, UK) because my 5 months old laptop has developed a manufacturing fault, the hinge to the display has started to crack the plastic casing.
Anyone in the know, will know that this is due to the joint inside and this means that ultimately the screen will separate from the keyboard in time.

Repair was refused, because I have Gentoo Linux on my laptop — Replacing the Windows Vista that was pre-installed.

PC World have said that this has void my warranty and there is nothing they will do for me, I spoke to a manager who said that he has been told to refuse any repairs if the operating system has been changed.

I feel this has really gone against my statutory rights and will do everything I can to fight it, I will review comments for your advice."

Microsoft's Consent-or-Die Patent 179

theodp writes "Maybe you shouldn't get too attached to those new Windows Live services. On Tuesday, the USPTO granted Microsoft a patent for privacy policy change notification, which describes how to threaten users with the loss of their accounts and access to web sites and services should they refuse to consent to changes in a privacy policy. This includes the case where a user might object to allowing personal information, collected earlier with a promise of confidentiality, to be shared in the future with third parties. Also described is a 'Never Notify Me' option so you won't have to 'worry' over privacy policy changes."

Submission + - British Government Changes Its Mind on BBC IPlayer (pm.gov.uk)

graham_stark writes: In response to an online petition on the Prime Minister's Downing Street website, the British Government has backed away from allowing the BBC from providing IPlayer,its new online media player, for Windows users only. This is not binding on the BBC directly, but since the BBC is almost entirely Government funded and the Government appoints the BBC Governors, it's going to be hard to refuse.

Submission + - The demise of the Nokia E90 communicator

S3D writes: Nokia is not quite famous for the great smartphone design, but in the case of E90 Communicator hardware looks nice. However where Nokia completly failed is software side — the The Register think. The first mistake was replacing business oriented S80 platform with consumer oriented S60. S60 is designed for one-thumb actions — not an adequate choice for full-keyboard communicator. The article go on listing deficiencies and missing features, concluding that Nokia, trying to impress gadget bloggers completely forgot core market of business users. Immature 3rd party application market for Symbian make it unlikely those deficiencies will be fixed.

Submission + - Crackdown on Modchip sellers (bbc.co.uk)

Mordok-DestroyerOfWo writes: The BBC is reporting on a series of raids conducted against mod chip resellers in the US. I'm just trying to figure out how selling this technology is a crime, I've always been of the opinion that if you're willing to take the risk of permanent harm to your system then more power to you. How will this affect the future of console modding?

Submission + - Customizing the Nokia N800 and 770 under the hood

Anonymous Semi Coward writes: Ever wondered how much you can actually customize the Nokia N800 (and the 770 for that matter)? Here is a pretty in-depth guide to going under the hood of your Nokia Linux Handheld. It's quite detailed but does include a pdf version as well for off-line viewing. This is quite a collection of informarmation that is hard to find on the web really. Apparently you can change quite a few things and make a "one-click" install package quite easy. There are even the user envirnments needed for each device.

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