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Comment Re:Will it work? (Score 2) 162

Being proud to provide that service, in direct defiance, I can say that I personally have almost 40 other domains and 18 IPs in 3 countries. And, if either happens, the one that I have provided becomes burdened or the one that I have provided is blocked, I will quickly launch another one and will see about my legal options of fighting it. Come at me, bro.

Comment Re:Working as intended then (Score 1) 714

Isn't it kind of the POINT of a darknet that nobody can trace who's who? Sounds to me like the system is working as designed.

Yes, it will be used to break laws. But that's when you break out the actual investigative skills instead of relying on tech work and unrestricted wiretaps.

#aph on AnonOps ran into this same problem. Their solution was to continue trying to break into the sites and attack the visitors with trojans, confirm they intended to view child porn (I guess checking to see if there was a large amount of it on their machine) and exposing whoever they could, knowing they're going to miss people that are fully patched or not on a machine that the malware is compatible with or what not. The channel seems pretty dead now though, anything beyond one or two steps is beyond most of them.

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 2) 273

As an IBMer who was not laid off (but quit last year, instead). I can say that there's simply no loyalty from the company towards the employees. Most of the layoffs come because they EXPECT to make less profit in the next quarter or other measurable term. That's not that they will make less profit, simply that they expect to. So, they lay off 1 of every team of 5 or less and keep going at a "profit". It's a pretty terrible system, even given ideal conditions where the least efficient employees are "let go". That rarely happens, more often than not it's just like every where else, who ever is the newest guy or least favorite gets the chop. And, they refuse to reconsider people they have fired, laid off, etc.. when they do re-hire (if ever). Basically it equates to the whole team working harder and the quality of products and/or services degrading (either from exhausted performance or from innovation being trumped by simply trying to keep up with the competitor's teams). I'd never work for another place like that or not, even if they offered me huge grant money and infinite independence. I also turned down a job at HP earlier this year, favoring making less money working for myself and continuing to seek employment at a (hopefully) more ethical business.

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