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Comment Just wow... (Score 2, Insightful) 343

The blatant crypto racism is exhibited in most of these posts... Guess what, your reaction is what proves the racism, not your quasi logical statements explaining your reaction...

No one bother to read the opposing views, or the reason why this was brought it.. just an immediate.. " Those women and brownies always want to be included... reverse racism"

To quote a SPEAKER that realized this after the fact

So I started asking around. I thought of all the prominent non-white-dude Ruby conference speakers I could in the space of a couple minutes. Just people who came easily to mind, nobody too obscure. I wanted to know if they had been invited to be part of that initial group of 15, and had said no.

Sandi Metz. Bryan Liles. Reg Braithwaite. Angela Harms. Sarah Mei. Katrina Owen (Norway). Keavy McMinn (Scotland). None of these people were invited to be part of the initial line-up. In fact, I couldn’t find a single woman or minority Rubyist who had been invited to be part of that 15.

Oh.. that changes the picture... doesn't it?

This whole "the world isnt racist anymore so just get over it" is a bunch of BULLSHIT. It's been barely a generation in most areas.. heck, we have people in the south holding to grudges and behaviors 6-9 generations deep. But someone, racist behaviour is supposed to be completely expunged in one generation, and well, any mention of it just shows reverse racism... bleh.. most of the above posters disgust me.

Comment Re:Programmer ethics (Score 2, Insightful) 174

Oh nice.. another ( i'm hollier than though morality ) comment

Brought to you by(tm).... the internet... a DARPA/(Military industrial complex) sponsored project....
Made possible by (tm).. Xray litography... another child of a military sponsored project...

I can keep going. :)

go with your BS somewhere else..

Comment So? (Score 1) 346

How does search technology have anything to do with browser wars? ( well, directly )

MS has its own browser
Google has its own browser
Yahoo doesn't

Those are the three big search engines, and they only choices to generate revenue like they do know, as a homepage destination.

Comment WOW, slashdot IS full of GOOG fanboys... (Score 5, Insightful) 165

Come. The. Freak. On. !!

Why does google get to charge this? They get the kickback FROM the carrier, so have the carrier do the ETF.

Why does the carrier AND google, get to charge fees? Not even the iPhone, a phone that carries a higher retail value without a plan, do such a high termination fee.

It seems google can do no wrong on slashdot. It can have the cake, the party, eat the cake, and snuff the party goers, and all is well in slashdot-google-fanboy land.

Come on guys.

Comment Oh god, CLASSIC!!! (Score 1) 836

So I wanted to find out more about this author....

Eric Spiegel is CEO and co-founder of XTS, which provides software for planning, managing and auditing Citrix and other virtualization platforms.

This web site at www.xtsinc.com has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

CLASSIC, so much for "smarter white collared developers" ;)

But I digress...

Look, plain and simple, in the field of software development, education means NOTHING. Why you ask? because unlike true engineering, there are no globally studied curriculums. Now, you may argue about this all you want, but these are facts. CS programs vary so wildly, it's amazing.

Secondly, since most developers don't do any actually engineering, those core CS principles rarely come to play.

That being said, what matters is the individual. There are huge differences from people that went to a tech school 'cause it was cool, someone that went to a top tier school, someone that dropped out ( for any of the reasons ), someone that went to a mediocre schoo, and someone that skipped college and just wanted to speed up their career.

But usually, those differences boil down more so to "candidate pools", and who they "mostly attract".

The good developers, come from all walks. They are the people that go beyond the taught knowledge ( wherever this knowledge may have come from ), and actually understand things from a raw, as close to true engineering perspective as possible, view.

But what do i know, I'm one of those that went to a top tier ivy, EE btw, and then decided to leave on his third year because it was too boring.

Comment Re:Packaging Packaging Packaging... (Score 1) 244

Missed a part..

So you say its hard to package your software? Most scripting languages have modules that allow you to automatically build rpm or debs. Java and C are also trivial to general .spec or deb definition files. Its at most a few days worth of work for one person, and weeks of work in savings.

Automation is key!

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