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Comment typical reporting - loaded questions (Score 4, Insightful) 404

Two problems.. The population seems to think the automated systems care more about their privacy .. they just want to sell you stuff, not sell the history off to some PI that your ex hired .. And it's a loaded question. Article headlines saying Americans don't want targeted ads, but really it's Americans hate getting spied on. Had you have simply asked the question at hand "would you like advertising that is more likely to be involved or associated with your interests or your current activities." Arguably they could say your not allowed to show ads about football, when your watching the football game. Cause after all that's targeting your advertisement ..
Role Playing (Games)

New EVE Online Expansion Detailed 96

Eurogamer reports on the EVE Online Fanfest, at which developer CCP revealed details on the game's next expansion, due out in March. It will be the biggest expansion yet for EVE, and it will "introduce 'Tech 3' modular ship designs, branching epic mission arcs, further improvements to the new player experience, and exploration of uncharted space through unstable wormholes. ... The focus of the expansion will be 'true exploration,' with players using new skills and modules to travel through wormholes into all-new, unconnected space." CCP also hinted that further graphical upgrades would be coming, and a standalone first-person shooter based on EVE may be in development for a console release.

Comment scare-monger (Score 1, Insightful) 225

"by default" it enables average users to use nifty adobe player functionality. (my pizza store, by default now remembers me and the last time i was there! wicked! You can also choose max disk space for these cookies, you can also easily delete them, and you can easily stop them from being saved. I agree the access to this information isnâ(TM)t "easy". but this is far from being a security problem. I had to go through just as much clicks to get to my firefox cookie, as to get to the flash cookies. They also store only information they request. Which in some cases means saved games files (for flash games) This article, with its hefty boldening of sentences, makes this out to be an OMG! situation, when it's not. Just as firefox, by DEFAULT, enables cookies and javascript code. Why can't flash? This panel can also be accessed when using almost ANY flash application, through the right click context menu. Seriously, this feels like very little investigation of comparison. American style scare-mongering at it's finest IMHO.

Submission + - TeamSpeak, Ventrilo - Are there Free alternatives?

syrion writes: "Due to a hack currently going around, a TeamSpeak server I regularly use is getting repeatedly hosed. I'd like to help fix this issue with a more secure alternative, but I'm not so knowledgeable about the VoIP landscape. Are there any alternatives? Can something like the GNU telephony stack help — and are there tutorials on how to set it up?"

Submission + - It's official: Vista copy protection 100% cracked

Slinky Sausage writes: "There's been a steady stream of 'sort of' cracks for Vista coming out of the piracy groups, but a crack has been released this morning by "Pantheon" which is doesn't avoid Vista's activation — it exploits it! Apparently despite the requirements for everyone including volume licence customers to activate, Microsoft built in the capability for OEM system builders to pre-install copies of Vista without activating it over the internet. The crack works on any Acer, HP, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard or custom machine (as long as you have the BIOS of that machine available)."

Submission + - Kiwi scientist proposes solution to global warming

bunbuntheminilop writes: "
A New Zealand scientist has claimed to have developed a way to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and will submit into Richard Branson's global warming competition. From the article:

Graeme Brown has invented a substance which can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The substance, dubbed Planetite, is derived from the naturally occurring mineral crystal Zeolite. Brown says Planetite can absorb carbon dioxide and separate the molecule into carbon and oxygen which can be re-used.

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