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Comment Re:What a load of bullshit! (Developer here) (Score 1) 614

We *don't* prefer iOS.

Excuse me. YOU don't prefer iOS. I own a software development company with quite a few employees. All of us, including myself, prefer iOS. I am close friends with the owners of a prominent mobile game company. They haven't bothered with Android because it was a very big hassle to them and the return on investment doesn't seem to work out for them. We target iOS first because it's easy and fun to develop for. Android gives us endless headaches and has a comparitively horrible set of development tools that only increase our development time. Add to this the fact that the UI on all iDevices is seemingly twice as fast. The polished and fluid UI of the iDevices makes our apps look well written and in turn polished themselves; Android's sluggish unpolished UI doesn't seem to reflect badly on Android at all. To end users they seem only to blame the developer for its unpolished nature.

We only know that IDevices are usually used by total retards ...

Any business owner or software developer who shows so little respect to their user base as to refer to them as "total retards" probably isn't building anything that I want to consume anyway. I am an experienced developer with experience in almost every mainstream technology that has appeared in the last 15 years; I can be a hardcode techie. When it comes to my phone and day to day software use, I can, and usually am, one of those "retards". I enjoy simplicity, relatively few options, focused task type software. I don't need a trillion options or the need to "root" my phone. It is my belief that motivated people learn to use these things to their advantage to make them better and quicker at what they are looking to accomplish. Left to his own devices, Einstein wore the same style clothes everyday just so he never had to worry about what he should wear (his second wife changed this a bit); I treat my technology the same way. From your comments I would guess you're no serious developer at all, and if you are, I feel for your loyal "retards" who obviously are not getting your best effort. Wether you prefer Android or iOS doesn't really matter. Maybe try showing some respect to you end users and others who don't want exactly the same things you do.

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