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Submission + - SPAM: Excel Software Ships QuickLicenseRT Linux to Protect and License Desktop Softwar

An anonymous reader writes: Excel Software today announced QuickLicenseRT Linux for desktop software. QuickLicenseRT Linux implements the full QuickLicense runtime system for protection, activation and license management. A company can protect software from piracy and increase revenue by supporting a wide range of license types, activation processes and advanced licensing features.

During development, QuickLicenseRT Linux is used in conjunction with QuickLicense running on a Mac OS X or Windows computer. The developer configures all aspects of the software license with QuickLicense and builds a tiny encrypted Ticket file. That Ticket file is bound to a Linux desktop application with a few lines of programming code that sends commands to the QuickLicenseRT executable.

Linux programmers enjoy a quick, integrated solution for almost any software protection, activation or licensing requirement. The runtime allows one software build to support Trial, Product, Subscription, Floating, Try/Buy or Educational licenses. The activation process for protected software allows manual activation without Internet access, semi-automated activation through a web browser or fully automated activation through an online activation server.

While one license command is sufficient for many applications, the runtime library supports dozens of command strings to access all licensing features available in the QuickLicense system. Runtime commands include license release, restore, reset, suspend, remote enabling of features, field read and write, plus data send and receive through the activation server.

Without writing any software, a developer can configure language specific interfaces for any human language. A configurable License Options panel allows protected software to be securely moved between computers, features to be remotely enabled or time and execution expired licenses to be extended.

QuickLicenseRT Linux is part of the suite of Excel Software protection and licensing solutions for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, Mobile or Web software. Computer unique Activation or Subscription Codes for protected Linux applications can be generated with QuickLicense or LicenseSupport. Custom online activation can be automated with Serial Numbers using the Safe Activation service or the self-hosted WebActivation or Desktop License Server products running on a vendor website.

QuickLicenseRT Linux supports all major Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora and CentOS on an x86 computer architecture. A Single User License at $395 includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of protected products or licenses. The package includes a User Guide and the SendMessage test application to try all license types and commands without any programming. Contact Excel Software for a Demo edition or free access to an extensive video library on topics related to software protection, license management and automated order processing for any type of digitial product.

Excel Software
Ph: (702) 445-7645
Fax: (702) 445-7814
Web: [spam URL stripped]
Email: info@excelsoftware.com

Submission + - SPAM: The advantage of deep groove ball bearings

aobotebearing writes: ABT bearing limited company — professional supplier of Bearing Distributor [spam URL stripped] .ABT bearing types include,Ball Bearing [spam URL stripped] Groove Ball,Thrust Ball(Single Row Double-Directino/Doubel Row Single-Direction),Radial Ball,Self-aligning Ball,Filling Slot Ball,Counterbored Ball,Three/Four Point Contact Ball.Roller Bearing [spam URL stripped] Roller,Radial Roller,Cylindrical Roller,Tapered Roller,Needle Roller,Drawn Cup Needle Roller,Convex Roller,Concave Roller,Crossed Roller,Thrust Roller,Cylindrical Roller Thrust,Tapered Roller Thrust,Needle Roller Thrust,Spherical Thrust Roller.ABT Bearing Seals Type and Row [spam URL stripped] Bearing Centry have following original [spam URL stripped] and so on.They come from Swenden,Germany,France,Italy,Britain,Austria,Netherlands,Spain,Japan,India,Malaysia,Indonesia,Korea,China,Iran,Saudi Arabia,USA,Canada,Brazil,Mexico and other country in European/Asia and North America/South America.ABT Bearing website provide StructureDimensionsNet Weight and all Parameter and Details of all kind of bearings.Today we talk about The advantage of deep groove ball bearings.
1, general conditions, the efficiency of the rolling bearing and hydrodynamic lubrication bearing, but the mixed lubrication bearings are higher;
2, radial clearance is small, the centripetal angular contact bearings available preloaded eliminate pretightening clearance are available, and operation of high precision;
3, about the size of the diameter of axle, the width of the rolling bearing is smaller than sliding bearing, axial compact structure can make the machine;
4, most of the rolling bearing can be affected by the radial and axial load, so the bearing composite structure is simple;
5, less consumption of lubricant, facilitate sealing, easy maintenance;
6, don't need a useful nonferrous metals;
7, a high degree of standardization, mass production, the cost is low;

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Submission + - SPAM: Cara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang Ampuh

An anonymous reader writes: Cara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang AmpuhCara Mengobati Asma Secara Tradisional Yang Ampuh
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Submission + - fuck

An anonymous reader writes: Fuck cookies on new site and really fuck BETA

Submission + - SPAM: MorphVOX Pro keygen

An anonymous reader writes: Morphvox pro keygen will allow you to get the full version of morphvox pro for free ! You will not be required to download anything but instead will be emailed a working key for the Morphvox Pro software.
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Submission + - SPAM: Jual Mesin Tusuk Sate

An anonymous reader writes: Selasa, Februari 11th, 2014

Jual Mesin Tusuk Sate

untuk bisa mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal dalam sebuah produksi maka di gunakan lah mesin yang salah satu fungsinya untuk bisa meningkatkan hasil daripada kualitas maupun kuantitas, karena mesin ini dia bisa bekerja dua kali lipat lebih baik daripada di kerjakan hanya dengan tangan saja, dari segi waktu juga kita bisa lebih efektif.
Produk apapun yang di kerjakan dengan mesin hasilnya akan jauh lebih bagus daripada produk yang hanya di kerjakan dengan manual.

Kami dari Produsen Tusuk Sate selain Menjual Tusuk Sate kami juga Menjual Mesin Tusuk Sate, bagi anda yang ingin meningkatkan hasil Produksi Tusuk Sate yang lebih baik maka gunakanlah Mesin Tusuk Sate, anda pasti akan mendapatkan hasil yang di inginkan.

Kami juga membuka peluang bagi Reseller,grosir yang ingin menjual kembali produksi Tusuk Sate kami.
Hal ini memungkinkan karna kami produksi sendiri.Kami juga melayani Restoran, rumah makan, warung sate, penjual sate keliling maupun super market dari seluruh wilayah indonesia.

Jual Mesin Tusuk Sate
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut atau , Pemesanan, segeralah Hubungi kami :


Alamat: Jl.Baru kp seremped RT 03/04 Cibadak Tanah sareal Kota Bogor
Tlp: 085311224793
email: sanusibalqis at gmail.com

Yang sering di cari terkait dengan Jual Mesin Tusuk Sate: ,distributor di medan
supplier distributor,grosir murah,grosir murah surabaya,grosir murah bandung

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Comment I also hate dice.com (Score -1) 176

Dear users, I hate dice.com just as much as yuo do. so how about lets patetion them into making the sight "FOR THE USERS" whereby we elect our own representative editors. Bring back ethanol fueled. Surrender timothy and soulskill to the lynch mobs. Get real articles for people who care!

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