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Hardware Hacking

Building a Telegraph Using Only Stone Age Materials 238

MMBK writes "It's the ultimate salvagepunk experiment, building a telegraph out of things found in the woods. From the article: 'During the summer of 2009, artist Jamie O’Shea of the organization Substitute Materials set out to test whether or not electronic communication could have been built at any time in history with the proper knowledge, and with only tools and materials found in the wilderness of New Jersey.'"
Social Networks

Meg Whitman Campaign Shows How Not To Use Twitter 147

tsamsoniw writes "California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's campaign team attempted to share with her Twitter followers an endorsement from a police association. Unfortunately, the campaign press secretary entered an incorrect or incomplete URL in the Tweet, which took clickers to a YouTube video featuring a bespectacled, long-haired Japanese man in a tutu and leggings rocking out on a bass guitar. And for whatever reason, the Tweet, which went out on the 18th, has remained active through today."

Cooking With Your USB Ports 188

tekgoblin writes "Wow, I would never have thought to try and cook food with the power that a standard USB port provides, but someone did. A standard port provides 5V of power, give or take a little. I am not even sure what it takes to heat a small hotplate, but I am sure it is more than 5V. It looks like the guy tied together around 30 USB cables powered by his PC to power this small hotplate. But believe it or not, it seems to have cooked the meat perfectly."

Submission + - SPAM: Pocket Sized ID Checking

luisevans1 writes: If you need an easy way to comply with liquor laws with your bar or restaurant this id checking calculator is worth a look, small and lightweight
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Bell System Technical Journal online (

pademelon writes: Bell System Technical Journal is now online. This is the journal that published the invention of the transistor in 1947, Shannon's seminal paper inventing information theory, the invention of the CCD, of cellular communications networks, of MIMO communications, and much else in technology is now freely and easily available.



When You Really, Really Want to Upgrade a Tiny Notebook 104

Benz145 writes "The famous Sony VAIO UX UMPC may have been cancelled a few years back by Sony, but the community at Micro PC Talk won't let it die. Modder Anh has carefully removed the relatively slow 1.33Ghz Core Solo CPU and installed a much faster Intel Core 2 Duo U7700 (a process which involves reballing the entire CPU). On top of this, he managed to install an incredibly small 4-port USB hub into the unit which allowed for the further instillation of a Huawei E172 modem for 3G data/voice/SMS, a GPS receiver, and a Pinnacle HD TV receiver. All of this was done without modifying the device's tiny external case. Great high-res pictures of the motherboard with the modded hardware can be seen through the link."

Submission + - Giant star disappears with poof, rather than POW! (

coondoggie writes: Researchers expecting to see a spectacular supernova explosion from a fading galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth instead were treated to a dust-encased whimper instead of the more typical bang. Using NASA's Spitzer space telescope researchers from Ohio State University classified the event as odd, but the treat was that it was the first one of its kind ever viewed by astronomers.

Submission + - Microsoft releases biggest-ever security update (

angry tapir writes: "Microsoft released its largest-ever set of security patches on Tuesday, fixing a total of 49 bugs in products such as Windows, Internet Explorer and Office. There are 16 groups of patches (called updates) in total. Microsoft says that two of them — the Internet Explorer fix numbered MS10-071 and a Windows patch numbered MS10-076 — should get top priority."

Submission + - Facebook introduces one-time passwords ( 4

angry tapir writes: "Worried about logging into Facebook from a strange computer? There's now a way to get into the popular social network without entering your regular Facebook password. It's called a temporary password. To use it, users must list their mobile phone numbers with their Facebook accounts. They can then text a number from their phones and Facebook sends back a temporary password that is good for 20 minutes. The service will be available worldwide in the next few weeks."

Submission + - MS Plugs Stuxnet Bug in Largest Patch Release (

Trailrunner7 writes: Microsoft has released its largest-ever bundle of patches, pushing out 16 updates that fix a total of 49 individual vulnerabilities. The patches include updates for six critical vulnerabilities, most notably a huge fix for some remote code-execution bugs in various versions of Internet Explorer, as well as a patch for one of the flaws used by Stuxnet in the attacks on Windows desktops.

One of the other bugs that Microsoft patched is MS010-073, one of the vulnerabilities used in the Stuxnet attack.

"It’s great to see Microsoft release MS010-073, patching multiple vulnerabilities in win32k.sys on multiple operating systems. It’s interesting that it’s rated only 'Important', because CVE-2010-2743 is being exploited in the wild. Our research team found and reported the Win32k Keyboard Layout Vulnerability to Microsoft when we discovered it exploited by Stuxnet early on in our research. It was one of the 0days used by Stuxnet to execute shellcode at system level privileges by abusing the NtUserSendInput function," said Kurt Baumgartner, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

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