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Comment I left my WRT54GL at the curb. (Score 1) 427

I've loved my WRT54GL. It will always hold a special place in my heart. That said, it could not keep up with a recent upgrade my provider rolled out, taking me from 30Bit to 60Mbit. It never moved data faster than 42Mbit. I replaced it with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite and a PicoStation M2HO which is their high power AP that will handle N and MIMO. I've never been happier. The router is a beast, rated as the 1st 1,000,000 packet-per-second router under $100, and it runs Linux, just like all their products. I was designed to complete with Cisco and Juniper routers in the $4,000-6,000 price range with three fully configurable gigabits ports. Best of all the current firmware includes easy to use wizards that will have you set up and surfing in minutes, if all you need is a basic SOHO configuration!

Comment Re:What the hell (Score 1) 759

Yes it is. No, I don't have issues. I support freedom and equality for ALL people. I despise special interest groups. They promote a "Me, but not you" sort of attitude toward whatever agenda they're promoting. I look at what groups actually DO, not so much what they say. In the cases of feminist affirmative action, as people point out referencing lately the Queen of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, there is a push to see women in power in major corporate management. I however feel that Ms. Sandberg earned her way to her position, based on her referenced credentials and accomplishments. It's all in the spin of media and propaganda how it is perceived by the public, and thus the "RAH-RAH FEMINISM" lemmings.

I believe EVERYONE is entitled to what they EARN. In the US, people feel they have the right to happiness. What they seem to forget is that our founding documents guaranteed us the inalienable right to "the PURSUIT of happiness."

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Feminism and all affirmative action processes are well meaning, but essentially worthless, assuming the environment exists where one is judged by their actions and accomplishments, as opposed to some other factor.

Comment Re:What the hell (Score 5, Insightful) 759

Basically, this feminist can't take a joke... Her tweet

She gets the guy fired, and gets fired herself for her troubles.

Nobody wins, because feminism is in of itself, sexism at it's finest. Poor pitiful females that can't defend themselves. Bullshit. They have carved themselves a niche in popular culture that they are untouchable, and because of that they have adopted and invincible attitude, until they feel they have been somehow wronged, and then they turn on the tear-jerking water works about how defenseless they are. Comedian Bill Burr has it right...

People need to learn how to take a joke. HR departments need to be wiped out, because in this age, they have long since outlived their usefulness. They had their time, but it has since passed.

If women want equal rights, then there should be no feminists.

Comment Nonemaibiznass (Score 2) 1174

I liked Ender's Game and it's sequels. He addressed infidelity and all kinds of political angles. As for voting with my wallet, It's not really my business what he thinks. I'll vote with my actual vote in national elections. As long as his books are good, I'll keep reading them. As narrow minded as I feel his thoughts may be, I support the U.S. Constitution, and thus his right to speak his mind. that said, I also feel he's wrong, as per the Constitution, all should be equal, regardless of sexual orientation. The day his books turn into his own personal propaganda machine is the day I cease to read his material.

Submission + - Petition started to Banish tethering fees (

kd4zqe writes: After getting constantly badgered by AT&T to take away my unlimited data plan, I've started a petition to fight back against the injustices that the Big 2 (ATT and Verizon) force down our throats for the "privilege" of allowing our 1's and 0's we've rightfully paid for once, to be used by consumers as we wish. I'd appreciate /.'s support in possibly getting this issue recognized by The Big House as an issue that needs to be addressed and rectified.

From my petition: "They need to realize that they are just "dumb pipes" for delivering 1's and 0's. They are a utility, and should not be charging additional rates for data usage. The radio in my phone can move data at a set rate based on the service it is receiving, but once that data gets to my phone, it's none of AT&T's darn business what I do with it. If I want to download a 100MB picture and then delete it, that's my prerogative. It's like the water company charging you more for water you drink vs. water you flush down the toilet."

Comment Re: Unifi (Score 1) 172

+1 for UniFi! I'm using unifi for a public internet project in my town. Instead of the usual stock UniFi APs I'm using their Picostation M2HP with the available alternative firmware what ports it to UniFi operation. They're cheap and weather proof and offer a bit more range than the basic APs. They continue to operate if the controller goes offline with the only downside occurring that captive portal functions don't work. If you can deal with that you'll have a robust system that can notify you of offline hardware and usage metrics on a per machine basis, giving you plenty of flexibility as an administrator. VLAN support is nice and it can help a lot with ensuring privacy against unauthorized users.

Comment Test for Nicotine? Not a "smoker"... (Score 1) 1199

So the question is, If they test for positive Nicotine presence, does that equal "smoker?"
I say no.
As a user of an electronic nicotine inhaler device (also known as a e-cigarette), I would fail this test, yet I no longer use tobacco products.

I ceased tobacco use for personal health reasons, as well as being considerate to those around me. Though not an officially FDA approved device, I had no difficulty in changing over to a vapor inhaler, which produces nothing but nicotine-laced water vapor. These devices pose no threat to those around me, via secondhand inhalation or clinging to person or fabric. Being a very tobacco-sensitive person, my mother thought I quit outright. Yet I would either not be hired, or lose my job because I would fail this test.

I submit that the test (if it should be allowed at all), should test for more than just testing nicotine-positive. By itself, nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine, as it is the other substances in tobacco products that are responsible for 99% of health issues rising from tobacco use. Would you want to be discriminated against because you had a cup of coffee this morning?

Comment Re:Standard connectors? LOL you wish! (Score 1) 427

The problem with Apple's model is that THEY want to set the standard and force other's compliance for licensing fees. The problem for them is that existing standards are already in place, causing Apple to look like a spoiled child when something doesn't go their way.

The EU introduced their standard for charging via micro-USB and forced Apple to release an adapter to comply.

The European Commission announced in 2009 that 10 mobile phone producers, including Apple, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Texas Instruments, agreed to adopt a standardized charger in order to minimize the "needless electronic waste" caused by the proliferation and regular updating of mobile phone.

Why not create some goodwill amongst the users here, Fruit-boys? My Infuse4G does HDMI just fine out of this port (yes, it uses a dongle, but just build the tech into the dock!).

Sometimes the "I'll take my ball and go home!" attitude is a bit much.

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