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Comment Mumps usage (Score 4, Informative) 166

/. comments seem to be a contest to see who can demonstrate the least knowledge of the subject. While Mumps is largely unknown to many, it is widely used in health care and finance. Epic Systems controls about 40% of the US market (http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/content/tags/electronic-health-records/why-epics-market-dominance-could-stifle-ehr?page=full) and is written in Mumps as is the world's largest clinical information system, VISTA (http://worldvista.org/AboutVistA).

Mumps is a simple, string oriented scripting language for a builtin multi-dimensional and hierarchical database (http://www.cs.uni.edu/~okane/source/MUMPS-MDH/stonehill.pdf). It is especially well suited for applications such as medicine where knowledge is often as varying depth hierarchies that are not well suited for relational systems.

The commercial vendors are Intersystems (http://www.intersystems.com - their version is called Cache') and GT.M (http://www.fisglobal.com/products-technologyplatforms-gtm) whose version is open source / GPL. My own version (http://www.cs.uni.edu/~okane/) is also open source / GPL and can map the Mumps global arrays (the sparse array trees) to PostgreSQL.

Submission + - Wikipedia Bans Warming Activist William Connolley (nctimes.com)

kcokane writes: "...Wikipedia is supposed to be a source of information, not propaganda. But William M. Connolley, who blogs under the name Stoat, has repeatedly abused his administrator position at Wikipedia to bias climate change-related articles to reflect his global warming activism.

But no more. After extensive run-ins with Connolley, Wikipedia has banned him from participating in climate change articles....


Submission + - Planetary fender-bender (foxnews.com)

kcokane writes: ""Two distant planets orbiting a young star apparently smashed into each other at high speeds thousands of years ago in cosmic pileup of cataclysmic proportions, astronomers announced Monday...." Ouch!"

Comment works fine, sometimes (Score 2, Funny) 1365

Ubuntu 9.10 is great for average users as long they
can run the thing from a root CLI.

to configure screen resolution (default 800x600)
first you get an error message that the default
config tool won't work because of proprietary
drivers. do you want to use the proprietary tool?
yes. proprietary tool fills screen and bottom
(with apply/save buttons) overflows and is inaccessible.
figure a way around this by opening more screens.
apply the new setting. save setting, get error
message about backup file privs.

plug in a USB drive. get message that you don't
have privs to mount it. look for DiskManager tool
that was present on 8.10. not there. synaptic
pachage manager: install MountManager. hides button in
in another menu which you need to configure. find it
and click it. nothing happens. so, CLI in
root mode - library object error message in
MountManager. so, edit fstab and remove offending
lines. correct privs for mount dirs in /media.
reboot. screen res wrong again. back to step one.

eventually, you forget why you were trying to
access the USB drive.

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