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Comment Re:The frog is boiling (Score 2) 217

downloads are not a huge deal.

They are when you don't have broadband and a game is a 15+ GB download. I'm a big fan of Steam, and while I personally have a nice 25+ connection, I know some people that are stuck on wireless and even satellite internet. It'd be easier if they bought the game, loaned me their library, I download/install the game, copied it to a DVD or USB drive, mailed it to them, and they copy the files over to their machine and install the game (this does actually work for Steam).

Comment Was this a remote attack? Did the have the watch? (Score 3, Insightful) 46

The researchers obtained the data both by poking through the watches' files and finding traces of watch activity on the Samsung Android smartphone to which they were linked.

So, they had both the watch and the connected phone. I'm not really concerned about this. If this was a remote access thing, I'd be a little worried.

Comment Re:17 different contractor teams (Score 3, Informative) 69

It's 17 teams working on 17 different things. The way these projects work is they've got a bunch of contractors that have ideas they want to pursue that are relevant to DARPAs interests and requirements. DARPA funds them and they all work on their own things and try to create some synergy. Over the life of the contract they continue funding those projects that are most successful.

Comment Re:Where's The Content? (Score 1) 207

medium-large on the other side of a good-sized living room, your eyes shouldn't be able to see the difference

That's simply not true. While you won't notice it in level of detail, you will notice it due to the increased dithering and smoothness of color gradients. Things will look better at all normal viewing distances. Although my real hope for the future is in ultra-ultra-ultra high definition displays (think something like the equivalent of a 32K 46" monitor). With that new possibilities actually open up, tie that to a Lenticular lens system an you'll have multiple angle high definition viewing. Imagine a tele-conferencing system where they place the monitor and multiple cameras at the edge of the conference table with a similar setup on the other end. The effect would be more like looking through a piece of glass dividing the table than looking at a flat monitor.

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