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Comment Re:My Linux Noobs love it (Score 1) 900

I never said it was licensed, I stated that they edit their pictures with it, and they expect that kind of functionality out of whatever other computer they use.

I've switched over 5-6 people now, two of then had no interest in photos beyond something that organizes them and downloads them from the camera (F-Spot), the rest had all kinds of pirated goodies and wanted equaled functionality out of their new Linux home.

I do know several people who have licensed copies of Photoshop for Windows, but mostly buying software is a Mac thing.

And really they use the term photochop, or that's the term used in all the car forums.

Comment My Linux Noobs love it (Score 2, Insightful) 900

One of the first things I hear about, next to "Can I sync my iPod" is "Can I run photoshops to edit my pics?" To the average person who has figured out how to crop in Photoshop and paste to things together with layers, GIMP is a dream. Complex, sure, but so is Photoshop. I understand the decision and actually kind of agree with it, but I think saying because it's too confusing for users is a little undermining their target audience of savvy 20 somethings who pirate Photoshop to make LOLcats.
Social Networks

Submission + - Social GPS: Smartphone Crowdware has arrived! (

kcfoxie writes: Waze is a GPL v2 Social GPS application that provides free, real time traffic information gathered from other Waze users. Available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile with Blackberry coming soon. The heart of the system is the user generated content: if you encounter a road that is not on the map, you can plot the road and submit it to be added to the Waze map. This is the likely it's most important feature next to the live traffic conditions based on speed and travel time of other waze users. If you get stuck in traffic, a red line forms behind your car on the map — which is visible to other Waze users and provides them with the data necessary to plan a change of route. View the Guided Tour on their website, and give Waze a try! Without critical mass adoption of the software, it won't evolve.

Comment Re:Gutless? (Score 1) 687

The 2009 TDI is a LEV vehicle...
Using the same methodology for the T2B5 (LEV II) Jetta TDI â" 0.012 g/mi (direct) + 0.000025 g/mi (vehicle evaporative - calculated from ULEV II certified Jetta 2.5 gasser evaporative emissions) + 0.00037 g/mi (gas station ancillary HC emissions) = 0.0124 g/mile total HC emissions.

Comment Re:Because .. (Score 1) 687

Much of the rating problems ahve been fully addressed, and really, a broken power window is annoying but nothing compared to the fuel line coming OFF your car like the PT Cruiser. Chrysler's ranked FAR ABOVE VW but has FAR WORSE recalls and issues. Ask me how I know!

Comment Re:Gutless? (Score 2, Informative) 687

You're 100% wrong. The EPAs tests rated my vehicle 31/40. I've never seen less than 38mpg from day one and I drove the hell out of it. I think they drove like a normal person, because the gas Insight could get upwards of 100MPG tailing a larger vehicle. Also the Jetta TDI set the world record for most efficient non-hybrid vehicle in a cross country road trip: 58mpg. As for power; The R10 basically proved that diesels are cleaner, faster and more efficient. My puny 140hp (chipped, 100hp stock) diesel makes 300ft/lb at low RPMs. That means I jump off the line long before your V6 pony gets anywhere near it's peak power -- enough to let me win a 1/8 mile race up to 70mph. I'll get about 38mpg in the process. You will get at best 18.

Comment Re:Diesel + Hybrid = Expensive (Score 1) 687

VW's suggested oil change runs about $60 every 10,000 miles and I've got UOAs that suggest 15,000 miles is OK on the oil.

Most cars use a 3000-5000 change interval @ 30-40/pop. I fail to see how they're more expensive. Are you complaining about the $30 fuel filter you replace every 20,000 miles? Or is it the $50 glow plug you replace every 100,000 to 200,000 miles? You do know that 500,000 - 750,000 miles is a normal life expectancy for a diesel engine, right?

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 289

Turn by turn directions. Google maps does not do this. By turn by turn, I mean, the device in real time shows your moving location and propts you audibly and visually that your turn is ahead. It also does route recalculation if you miss a turn, you must re-plot your route manually with Google. This is inherently superior to Google Maps in terms of every day use to get to a destination.

Comment Re:Better way to calculate the MPG (Score 1) 1006

What I want to know is RANGE. How far can this puppy go on a single "tank" of fuel running that generator to power the electric motor? My current car goes 750 highway miles, if it tops that it's a contender, if it can't what is the point? From my perspective, of course. I realize others don't know what to do with a 700-mile range on a vehicle.

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