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Comment Color graphics with multi language (Score 1) 192

While using computer almost all day, I prefer dropping my notes in my notebook.
A multi core ball point pen with red, green, blue, black and a mechanical pencil
makes a good combination. A rubber eraser around will be handy.

When a concept is still in development stage, a pencil and an eraser usually works
more efficiently.

Comment lost hair (Score 1, Troll) 110

I would consider human brain development is due to some odd genetic mutation when
human had lost their hair. When climate changed, those who could figure out how to
survive the cold winter lives on.

For the hairless homo sapien to keep warm in cold climate is quite complicated as the
fur from other animal is not quite ready to cover the body part. The cold weather forms
some kind of selective breeding. To survive hairless, human were forced to use the brain.

Comment Lightning Rod (Score 2) 191

Once met with a guy who install lightning rod in 80+ storeys buildings.

He said, grounding the current from above is not enough. When lightning strikes,
the current is ground, but then the many computers in the building would malfunction.

Special technique is required that only few companies can get it right.

I would suspect the current has to be shield like coaxial cable or the circuits along
the current path will got damaged. In this case the victim's brain.

Comment Virtual telescope (Score 1) 187

Grinding my reflecting mirror is a project that I would like to achieve, but after decades
busy doing something else. The mirror project is still pending.

I was thinking, if someone lives high up some mountain in Hawaii, has a big telescope,
it could be a profitable business renting the telescope to someone else online.
Since stars don't move too quickly, viewing celestral object through virtual telescope
could be equally rewarding.

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