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Comment Re:Jeeze. (Score 1) 205

The reason specs progress slowly is because it takes lots of programmer-hours to implement them correctly. Most of HTML5 is fully specced and just awaiting implementation. Programming is expensive work.

Why does it have to be implemented before it can become a finalized specification?

Comment Re:The final version is not due for several years (Score 1) 205

I'm afraid I don't understand what your point is. Do you mean "working out" as in exercising or as in working out the details?

By what you're saying, I should infer that the writers of the HTML5 recommendation are creating the documentation to fit the existing browser implementations of HTML5? What does time to implement have to do with the writing of the recommendation? W3C writes the recommendation, and browser developers implement the recommendation in their software--that's how it (should) works.


Submission + - Flowers For Algernon

Baldrson writes: "Drug Researcher reports that Algernon lives: ''...[R]esearchers ... have conditionally knocked out a specific gene to prevent an enzyme called cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) from being produced, but only in the brain. This led to the mice becoming more adept at learning and also able to more quickly decipher environmental changes...."It's pretty rare that you make mice 'smarter,' so there are a lot of cognitive implications," said Dr Bibb. "Everything is more meaningful to these mice," he said. "The increase in sensitivity to their surroundings seems to have made them smarter." ''

The mice did have a more difficult adolescence than the "normal" mice, who bit them and pushed them off the wheel when the researcher wasn't looking."

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