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Comment Re:Don't knock it until you try it (Score 2, Insightful) 442

"Powershell is very powerful. Much more so than cmd.exe."

One would certainly hope so, considering how old and antiquated MS-DOS and cmd are. I mean, come on. How could it NOT be? I looked at the user guide for powershell, and saw that "Windows PowerShell is based on the .NET framework."
There's a strike against it right away.

I've been programming command languages for four decades now, and of course there will be unique features to the command language for any operating system. For example, the DCL on the VAX and the CCL on NOS naturally won't interchange on the computers. But times have changed- With the ability to run perl and other open tools on any system, why make something as obtuse as Powershell?

Let's look at an example command "Get-PSDrive -PSProvider FileSystem." Even with command completion, this looks cumbersome as hell. Kinda reminds me of COBOL. Computers and their programs are supposed to do the work, while reducing the work for the users.

Read the manual, THEN knock it.

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